Antigua Guatemala Procession Schedule (2019)

Antigua Guatemala’s Lenten season and Holy Week for 2018 is already over – which is unusual since the season this year started a lot earlier than in previous years. But it’s never too early to start planning for next year! To help you plan for 2019’s season, I’m laying out the Antigua Guatemala procession schedule almostContinue reading “Antigua Guatemala Procession Schedule (2019)”

Agua Volcano Hiking Guide: Antigua Guatemala’s Iconic Landmark

Agua Volcano (known as Volcan de Agua), should get credit for making Antigua Guatemala as gorgeous a town as it is. There are other Spanish colonial towns in Mexico and Central America, but none have the towering backdrop that Antigua does. While I’m not much of a hiker, I knew I’d climb Agua one day,Continue reading “Agua Volcano Hiking Guide: Antigua Guatemala’s Iconic Landmark”

Traditional Christmas Dishes Of Guatemala You Should Try

Every country has their own holiday traditions when it comes to food, and Guatemala is no exception. Here are the Christmas dishes of Guatemala you need to try to make your Guatemalan Christmas experience complete. Tamales Colorados (Red Tamales) Tamales can be had year-round in Guatemala. With over 250 regional varieties, you could spend wellContinue reading “Traditional Christmas Dishes Of Guatemala You Should Try”

Christmas Activities In Antigua Guatemala

Christmas season in Antigua Guatemala is in full swing right now. There are posadas almost every day and it’s easy to find traditional hot ponches – my wife prefers the more popular fruit version (de frutas – made with pineapple and dried fruits), while I prefer the milk version (de leche – somewhat like eggnogContinue reading “Christmas Activities In Antigua Guatemala”

San Francisco Church, Antigua Guatemala: Visitors Guide

San Francisco Church is one of the biggest attractions in the city – even Tarzan has paid a visit! But more on that later. For tourists, Iglesia de San Francisco is an opportunity see a restored colonial church. For locals, it’s a place of pilgrimage – they come to pray for miracles at the tombContinue reading “San Francisco Church, Antigua Guatemala: Visitors Guide”