Antigua Guatemala’s Coffee Tours, Teas and Chocolate: A Guide

Antigua Guatemala is very much linked to coffee, both in tradition and culturally. Antigua’s resurgence is due in part to its abundance of fertile volcanic soil, which is suitable for growing coffee beans. Today, you can’t walk half a block without stumbling into yet another coffee shop – great news for coffee-lovers. Even Starbucks hasContinue reading “Antigua Guatemala’s Coffee Tours, Teas and Chocolate: A Guide”

Guatemalan Food Guide – See The Top 14 Dishes!

In 2007, Guatemala’s Ministry of Culture designated specific dishes as the Guatemalan food most emblematic of the country – a fifth dish was added in 2015. Most of these Guatemalan dishes can be found throughout the country, though pinol (or pinole) is specific to the Sacatepequez region. Traditional Guatemalan Food Here’s the official Guatemalan foodContinue reading “Guatemalan Food Guide – See The Top 14 Dishes!”

Nance (Yellow Cherries): Guatemalan Fruits

Nances (Yellow Cherries) are one of those polarizing fruits – if you grew up eating it, there’s nothing better in the world than gorging on them. If you’ve never tasted it before, you might be wondering what the fawning in Guatemala for nance is all about. If you’ve never had it before, you might justContinue reading “Nance (Yellow Cherries): Guatemalan Fruits”

Getting Around: Driving In Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is a small city of under 40,000 residents. Most people get around Antigua on foot or using a patchwork network of privately-owned public transportation. Many residents own motorcycles or scooters to get around town. Those who can afford it prefer cars for trips to the city and nearest big-box stores and supermarkets. DrivingContinue reading “Getting Around: Driving In Antigua Guatemala”

Central Park, Antigua Guatemala: Visitors Guide

Parque Central is as old as the city, but while everything in the city suggests that for once time stood still, this park continues to evolve. Today, it’s one of the best places to people-watch and a favorite meeting place for locals and tourists alike. From the city’s inception, the plaza was designed to beContinue reading “Central Park, Antigua Guatemala: Visitors Guide”