Antigua Guatemala Hotels: Where to Stay

There are many exceptional Antigua Guatemala hotels and hostels – here are the ones we recommend above all others:

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Budget hotels in Antigua Guatemala (recommended)

Yellow House Hostel

1a Calle Poniente #24

Of the cheap ones, one of the best Antigua Guatemala hostels of the bunch. Great terrace, friendly staff, clean rooms, good WiFi, and breakfast included? Sign me up. Under $25.

El Hostal Bed & Breakfast

1a Avenida Sur #8

Everyone raves about the free breakfast and hot showers. Staying close to Antigua’s center doesn’t have to be expensive. Under $25.

Mid-Range hotels in Antigua Guatemala (recommended)

Hotel Casa Cristina

Callejon Camposeco #3 (between 6a and 7a Avenida)

Love this hotel near La Merced Church. Conveniently close to everything. It is clean, the water is hot, decorated wonderfully, and the views from the terrace amazing. Under $50.

Posada La Merced

7a Avenida Norte #43

Clean rooms, safe area, friendly staff. Under $100.

Casa Florencia Hotel

7a Avenida Norte #100

Beautiful hotel. A bit on the far side of town, something to keep in mind if walking back late. Other than that, excellent service, clean rooms, and quiet surroundings. Under $100.

High-End hotels in Antigua Guatemala (recommended)

Meson Panza Verde

5a Avenida Sur #19

Luxurious hotel with a restaurant to match. Over $100.

Porta Hotel Antigua

8a Calle Poniente #1

Have not stayed here, but have been inside for activities. Good pool, beautifully decorated hotel. Over $100.

Antigua Guatemala Hotel Directory

Antigua Guatemala Hostels

Bigfoot Hostel

Address: 6a Avenida Norte #1A

Phone: +502 7832-0489


Prices: $ ($9USD mixed dorms w/fan, $10.60USD dorms w/air con, $34USD — $48USD for private double — quadruple).

A hit with backpackers and those seeking a lively party scene. Pool table and TV in the lounge area. Just a block away from Parque Central. Rooms are a bit small. The restaurant serves up tasty food. Hosts a pub crawl on Mondays. Children not allowed — neither on the pub crawl nor at the hostel.

Three Monkeys Hostel

Address: 2a Avenida Sur #34

Phone: +502 7938-5049


Prices: $ ($8USD dorm with shared bathroom, $9USD female and mixed dorms w/bathroom en suite, $23USD for private single w/shared bathroom, $33USD — $49USD for private double and triple w/shared bathroom. Rooms with private bathroom available).

Located in the southeastern part of town — quieter here. Not a party hostel. Laid back vibe, friendly staff, and a pleasant colonial setting. The kitchen is available for guest use.

Tropicana Hostel

Address: 6a Calle Poniente #2

Phone: +502 7832-0462


Prices: $ ($9USD for dorms — mixed only. Small pool and hot tub available. Free coffee).

If partying with young backpackers is your thing (but don’t particularly care for sleep or relaxation), then this loud, thumping spot is the place to be. Small pool, Jacuzzi, terrace and good food are available.

El Hostal

Address: 1a Avenida Sur #8

Phone: +502 7832-0442


Prices: $ ($15USD for dorms, $34USD — private, breakfast included).

This hostel fits right in with the backpacker-friendly surroundings. The hostel has a cozy little patio, good showers and a well-maintained kitchen available to guests.

Villa Esthela

Address: 2a Avenida Sur #48

Phone: +502 7832-5162


Prices: $ ($12USD for dorms, $24 — private, breakfast included).

A favorite hostel for travelers in a quiet part of town. Fully equipped kitchen available to guests and a terrace with hammocks on the third floor. This tranquil two-story building is set back from the street and accessed through a semi-narrow passageway.

Hostal Antigua

Address: 5a Avenida Sur #22

Phone: +502 7832-8090


Prices: $ ($7USD — $9USD for dorms, $33USD — $45USD for private, free water, kitchen available. Pet- friendly.).

Though lacking charm, this hostel is an excellent choice for those seeking a clean, inexpensive option near Parque Central with good beds. Rooftop terrace.

Hostal Antigueño

Address: 1a Calle Oriente #15

Phone: +502 3037-0025


Prices: $ ($10USD — separate male/female dorms, $33USD for room w/shared bathroom, $45USD for a room w/private. Ping pong table, courtyard, and free breakfast). 1a Calle Oriente #15).

If you’re not looking for a party hostel experience, then this hostel is a good option. Located in a quiet part of town and less than a 10-minute walk to Parque Central. The free breakfast is a proper hot breakfast. Clean rooms, comfortable beds – Wi-Fi is stronger in the rooms near the front. Dorms are often a bit noisier due to the tin roof overhead. Good for groups, helpful bilingual staff.

Hotel Casa Jacaranda

Address: 1a Calle Poniente #37

Phone: +502 7832-5115


Prices: $ ($12USD — dorms, $17USD — private, breakfast included).

You won’t find much colonial style in this hotel, but it does have brightly decorated rooms and a spacious, quiet garden in the backyard, the location of namesake Jacaranda tree. Good for those seeking to get away from the bustle of town.

The Terrace Hostel

Address: 3a Calle Poniente #24B

Phone: +502 7832-3463


Prices: $ ($10USD for dorms, $28USD for private, breakfast included. Free water).

Party hostel – Happy Hour runs from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Make no mistake — this place is all about punishing your liver, with a scheduled pub-crawl every Monday – leaving at 3 p.m., beer on tap and guided tours to nearby bars once hostel gets around to closing down. Beautiful views of nearby volcanoes from their terrace.

Somos Hostal

Address: 1a Avenida Sur #24

Phone: +502 7937-2332


Prices: $ ($10USD for dorms, $28USD for private, breakfast included. Free water).

Clean, with an interesting “pod” and tent concept, where guests can choose to sleep on traditional bunk beds or choose small tents on the floor, each with a bed, light, large padlocked private locker with charging socket inside.

A Place to Stay

Address: 5a Calle Poniente and Callejón Landivar #42

Phone: +502 0000-0000


Prices: $ ($8USD/dorms, $13USD single, $18USDdouble, $27USD triple — all bathrooms shared. Free breakfast, hot every day except Sundays, kitchen and outdoor grill).

One of the oldest hotels in town, set in a two-story house next to the Mercado and bus terminal. Not the prettiest area in the town or to get caught walking about in late at night. However, the hotel itself is safe, and the attentive owners will make you feel at home.

Zoola Antigua

Address: 7a Calle Poniente #15

Phone: +502 7832-0364


Prices: $$ ($11USD-$25USD, breakfast included).

Israeli-run hostel with a requisite backpacker vibe. Great terrace and an ample selection of vegetarian and Middle- Eastern and Mediterranean dishes.

Antigua Guatemala Budget Hostels

Posada Juma Ocag

Address: Calzada Santa Lucía Norte #13

Phone: +502 7832-3109


Prices: $ ($17USD — $19USD, free water and coffee/tea in the morning).

Clean, pleasantly decorated and affordable, this small hotel is across the street from the Mercado and on Calzada Santa Lucia, one of the main commercial streets in town. That said, it’s still quiet inside, with a small garden and terrace. Fridge and kitchenette open to guests.

Hotel Casa Rustica

Address: 6a Avenida Norte #8

Phone: +502 7832-3709


Prices: $$ ($32USD — $49 for shared bathrooms, $40USD — $70USD for private rooms).

A block away from Parque Central, this hotel is a good step up from the hostels, but still within range for the budget-minded. Full kitchen access for guests and free water and coffee available. There’s a lounge area with a pool table, courtyard and garden area with hammocks, plus a terrace on the third floor. Pet-friendly – playful dogs on premises.

Mosaico Bistro & Lodging

Address: 6a Avenida Norte #74C

Phone: +502 5308-3300


Prices: $$ ($10USD for dorms, $50USD for a private room, continental breakfast included.).

Just a couple blocks away from La Merced Church, on the northern end of town. Basic rooms, terrace, and friendly staff.

Hotel La Sin Ventura

Address: 5a Avenida Sur #8

Phone: +502 7832-0581


Prices: $$ ($19USD single, $38USD double, $57USD triple. All rooms with private bathroom, Wi-Fi not available in all rooms. Panoramic terrace.)

Half a block from Parque Central, next to Monoloco and other hopping spots in town. Clean, but noisy rooms, as there’s a disco/bar on the first floor of the property thumping until 1 a.m. every night — higher floors slightly quieter. Bring earplugs if you’re a light sleeper.

Antigua Guatemala Midrange Hostels

Casa Cristina

Address: Callejón Camposeco #3A, between 6a & 7a Avenida Norte

Phone: +502 7832-0657


Prices: $$ ($19USD single, $38USD double, $57USD triple. All rooms with private bathroom, Wi-Fi not available in all rooms. Panoramic terrace.)

Lovely small hotel on the northern side of town, about a block away from La Merced Church. Colorful, clean rooms and a beautiful view from the terrace.

Hotel Casa Antigua

Address: 3a Calle Poniente #5

Phone: +502 7832-9090


Prices: $$ ($47USD — $105USD, free coffee, and water).

Hotel located in a historic building — it’s a refurbished museum, very close to Parque Central. Decorated with antique furniture and paintings and a beautiful courtyard and garden with sitting areas, Casa Antigua makes for a fascinating stay. Guests have access to the kitchen. Rooftop terrace available.

Hotel Casa del Parque

Address: 4a Avenida Norte #5

Phone: +502 7832-0961


Prices: $$ ($69USD single, $79USD double, $89USD triple, $99USD quad. All rooms with private bathroom. Small pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi. Complimentary water and coffee).

Well-maintained, clean hotel with a pool, just a half a block from Parque Central. Nicely decorated rooms and a lovely colonial setting. The loud bar next door that plays music until 1 a.m. every night.

Hotel EuroMaya

Address: 4a Calle Poniente #22A

Phone: +502 7832-0657


Prices: $$ ($50USD — $70USD single, $75USD — $95USD double, $85USD — $110USD triple, $100USD — $120USD quad. Buffet style breakfast (pancakes, eggs, etc., included). Panoramic terrace).

Attractive hotel, less than a block away from Parque Central. This two-story building has an interesting decor, not quite colonial, not quite contemporary. Spacious terrace above the second floor, though in need of some sprucing up.

Hotel La Casona de Antigua

Address: Calle de Los Duelos, Residenciales Doña Beatriz #15

Phone: +502 7832-8288


Prices: $$ ($80USD double, $100USD triple). Breakfast included. Wi-Fi in common areas.

Pretty, quiet and secure hotel inside a gated residential neighborhood on the eastern side of town — somewhat on the outskirts and at about a 10-15 minute walk to Parque Central. Huge two-story Colonial-style property with a courtyard. Restaurant on site, offering a mix of Guatemalan and International cuisine. Beautifully decorated rooms and a pretty terrace.

Posada San Vicente

Address: 6a Avenida Sur #6

Phone: +502 7832-3311


Prices: $$ ($37USD — $75USD for private. Free coffee and water. Kitchen available for guests).

Pleasant hotel with touches of colonial architecture and spacious terrace 360-degree view of the town. Lovely central courtyard, only a couple blocks from Parque Central.

Antigua Guatemala High-End Hostels

Hotel Meson de Maria

Address: 3a Calle Poniente #8

Phone: +502 7832-6068


Prices: $$$ ($70USD-$105USD, breakfast included).

The beautiful property, decorated with care. Outstanding rooftop terrace on the 3rd floor, lush courtyard, and sitting areas. Friendly staff. Great breakfast. Choose a room away from the breakfast area if you like to sleep in.

Hotel Convento Santa Catalina

Address: 5a Avenida Norte #28

Phone: +502 7832-3080


Prices: $$$ (colonial rooms: $70USD-$80USD single, $85USD-$95USD double. Modern rooms w/kitchenette and two double beds: $70USD- $80USD single, $85USD-$95USD double. Complimentary water).

Fantastic hotel, located in what once was a restored Santa Catalina Convent. Beautiful courtyard and restaurant on site.

San Rafael Hotel

Address: 2a Calle Poniente #7

Phone: +502 7832-9882


Prices: $$ ($37USD — $75USD for private. Free coffee and water. Kitchen available for guests).

Lovely, small boutique hotel with two immaculate courtyard garden. The staff is professional and attentive, and grounds and sitting areas inviting and artfully decorated. Only a stone’s throw from Santa Catalina Arch and upscale dining area.

Hotel Cirilo

Address: Calle de Los Duelos #11

Phone: +502 7832-6650


Prices: $$$$ ($107USD — $153USD w/two Queen beds, $152USD w/King bed, $159USD w/King suite w/upstairs sitting area. Year-round acclimatized pool).

Enjoyable, elegant small boutique hotel on the periphery of Antigua. Gardens blend in with historical ruins next door, giving this colonial-style property an authentic, timeless feel. Full restaurant on-site with a comfortable lounge area for guests. Serene terrace. In a quiet part of town, about a 10-15 minute, somewhat poorly lit walk to Parque Central and restaurants.

Hotel Soleil

Address: 9a Calle Poniente, on the road to Ciudad Vieja

Phone: +502 2462-7777


Prices: $$$$ ($80USD standard room w/King bed or two doubles, $140USD w/King bed, sofa bed, balcony and sitting area with fireplace, $190USD w/King bed and sofa bed, living room and kitchenette).

Formerly a Radisson property, this hotel comes close to the typical US hotel experience. Pool available.

Antigua Guatemala Luxury Hostels

El Convento Boutique Hotel

Address: 2a Avenida Norte #11

Phone: +502 7720-7272


Prices: $$$$ ($190USD Junior Suite (Queen bed), $240USD Suite w/King bed or two Queen beds, $310USD Grand Master Suite with King bed, upstairs room (two twin beds), fireplace and terrace with heated Jacuzzi).

Beautiful, boutique hotel with a luxurious, secluded atmosphere. Not far from Parque Central and just across Las Capuchinas Convent. The hotel is in a quiet, somewhat dark part of town, so plan your return at night so. All 26 rooms are suites, some with more amenities than others. Nice, shaded terrace — a quiet place for relaxation. The hotel doesn’t have a traditional courtyard, but it does offer a lap pool for guests. Elú Restaurant on site, with service available on the terrace as well as in the room.

Meson Panza Verde

Address: 5a Avenida Sur #19

Phone: +502 7955-8282


Prices: $$$$ ($100USD double room, $185USD Junior Suite, $200USD Master Suite, $275USD Grand Suite).

Outstanding hotel, within walking distance to Parque Central. The suites are spacious and beautifully appointed, with colonial touches. There’s an air of elegance throughout the property. The lovely terrace doubles as an art gallery. Splendid restaurant on site.

Casa Santo Domingo Hotel

Address: 3a Calle Oriente #28A

Phone: +502 7820-1220


Prices: $$$$ ($162USD — $182USD double, $187USD double w/Jacuzzi, $207USD for an executive suite with living room, $237USD — $257USD with living/dining room and terrace, $397USD suite with dining room, living room and terrace with Jacuzzi).

Built on the grounds of a former Dominican convent, this luxury hotel is as good as it gets in Antigua. Beautifully appointed rooms and a professional, attentive staff. Pool on site. Guests of the hotel have complimentary access to Paseo de Los Museos, the city’s best museum, next to the hotel. Restaurant on site as well.

Porta Hotel Antigua

Address: 3a Calle Poniente #8

Phone: +502 7931-0600, 1-877-765-0919


Prices: $$$$ ($130USD — $180USD room with Queen bed, King bed or two double beds, $375USD Junior Suite w/King bed or two double beds, $505USD Master Suite with King bed, fireplace, Jacuzzi, living room and private outdoor garden).

Modern hotel just a couple blocks away from the town’s center, with a good-sized pool and a kiddie playground. Well-attended brunch on Sundays.

Posada del Angel

Address: 4a Avenida Sur #24A

Phone: +502 7832-5303


Prices: $$$$ ($195USD double room, $298USD Suite with Jacuzzi, fireplace, and private outdoor patio, $375USD Rose Room aka “Clinton’s room” — extra-large Jacuzzi, fireplace and private terrace with a view of volcanoes. Small and narrow, temperature-controlled lap pool).

Its claim to fame is that former President Bill Clinton once stayed here while he was a sitting President – “Clinton’s Room” is the most expensive suite at this property. Charming rooms with a lived-in, quaint colonial feel that’s also present throughout the property. Lovely terrace on which to enjoy breakfast. The staff is attentive. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch. Just a couple blocks from Parque Central and nearby restaurants.

Hotel Camino Real

Address: 7a Calle Poniente #33B

Phone: +502 7873-7000


Prices: $$$$ ($180USD room with Queen or King bed, $240USD Suite Virrey, a loft with a living room on the first floor and bedroom on the second level).

Located about three blocks from Parque Central, this hotel — owned by a corporation — offers many of the amenities you can expect to find at an international hotel. Its large, elegant rooms also have the same, somewhat sterile ambiance you can find in any city in the world. Fortunately, the rooms are built around a courtyard setting. You’ll be nickel and dimed at a high rate for everything — you’ll have to pay for Wi-Fi, coffee, and water. There’s a pricey restaurant inside the property.

Antigua Guatemala Specialty Lodging

Earth Lodge

Address: El Hato Village (North of Cerro de La Cruz)

Phone: +502 4980-2564


Prices: $$ ($7USD for a dorm, $10/18USD for a single/double deluxe tent. Starting at $20USD for a cabin/tree house (single), $40USD for double occupancy. Option to book rooms with family style dinners. Complimentary water. Kitchen not open to guests.)

A great lodging option for those seeking something out of the ordinary. It has various beautiful tree houses throughout the property. Dorms and camping spots are available. Excellent restaurant on site.


Address: Road to San Lucas (20- minute drive from Antigua, past El Hato village)

Phone: +502 3068-5165


Prices: $$ ($10USD for a camping spot, $70USD for cabin – Max four occupants).

About a 20-minute drive from Antigua, some entrepreneurial friends decided to turn their weekend getaway spot into the Guatemalan shire. High up, it affords a great view of the region and on a clear day, it’s possible to see five volcanoes. Development is still ongoing, but this lodge already has a cabin in place and camping grounds for those looking to experience a fantastic sunset/sunrise view, without the need to climb nearby volcanoes.


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8 thoughts on “Antigua Guatemala Hotels: Where to Stay

  1. We stayed at last week and it was incredibly charming. It is on the outskirts, which means a 5 min walk to the park, but I personally appreciated a quiet place to retreat to after the day’s activities. The hotel itself has beautiful rooms and grounds, and a rooftop terrace that has to be seen. A good breakfast every day is included, and on top of all of that, the staff there is the friendliest I’ve encountered at any hotel. Cost ranges from $65 to $100 depending on the season and the room.

  2. We have stayed twice at Panza Verde Hotel. It is filled with antiques and the greatest staff.
    their rooms and suites are well worth the price. And it is 3-4 blocks from the main park. A nice continental breakfast every morning. We spent a lot of time on the different rooftop sitting areas.

  3. i’ve stayed in many hotels in Antigua. Many of them have a noise issue…the closer to the center, the higher the volume. My favorite is Casa Florencia….a bit of a walk but well worth…the place is secure, clean and comfortable.

    1. Hi Patricia,

      You make a great point about the noise! Always good to consider that when booking a place to stay. Thanks for your input.


  4. IMO, the best thing to do when traveling in a family, or with friends, is to rent a house on Airbnb. I have family in Guatemala and have rented some wonderful houses where we were able to make breakfast, relax, park our cars, and be close to the Central Park for $100/night for 9 people. You can’t beat the price while also staying in a typical Antigua house complete with a courtyard garden!

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