Antigua Guatemala Restaurants: Top 20 List and Directory

There are over 150 eating Antigua Guatemala restaurants, most within walking distance of each other – it’s a foodie’s paradise. This is not a comprehensive list, but there are more than enough places to choose from.

For a quick overview of the restaurant scene and if you’re short of time and pretty hungry, check out our Top 20 List right below our table of contents. But if you have time, definitely browse our more comprehensive list further down – there are some real gems on this page and great restaurants if you’re looking for a particular cuisine.

So you can quickly find the restaurant you’re looking for and determine how close or far away it is, we’ve grouped them by location. If street food is more your style, check out our guide to typical food in Antigua Guatemala (opens in new tab). If looking for coffee, you may want to take a look at our coffee shop guide (also new tab).

Price Guide

$ = Most Main Dishes under Q50 ($6.25)

$$ = Most Main Dishes are Q50 – Q100 ($6.25 – $12.50)  

$$$ = Most Main Dishes are Q100 – Q150 ($12.50 – $18.75)

$$$$ = Main Dishes over Q150 (Over $18.75)

Top 20 List of Antigua Guatemala Restaurants


Antigua Guatemala Restaurant Tenedor del Cerro

 French Toast @ Tenedor del Cerro

Doña Luisa Xicontecatl

4a Calle Oriente #12 | 7832-2578  | Hours: 7 am – 9:30 pm daily |

More delicious fresh-baked bread that you can shake a stick at. Try the banana bread. Breakfast is great here. Soups are great too. Average prices: $

Fernando’s Kaffe 

7a Avenida Norte #43 | 7832-6953 | Hours: 7 am daily. Closes: 7 pm (Mon-Sat), 12:30 pm (Sun) |

Great coffee and chocolate. Limited menu, but you can’t go wrong with anything you pick – has good WiFi too. Average prices: $

Y Tu Piña Tambien

1a Avenida Sur #10B | n/a | Hours: 7 am daily. Closes: 4 pm (Mon-Thu), 6 pm (Fri-Sun) |

Bills itself as the hangover recovery place to be. Don’t know about that personally -ahem- though I know that everyone raves about their muffins, sandwiches, pancakes, and friendly staff. I mean, c’mon… how can you say no to bacon pancakes, eh? Sunday brunch. Average prices: $

Refugio Coffee Bar

7a Avenida Norte #18A | 7832-8537 | Hours: 7:30 am to 7 pm (Mon-Sat) |

How serious are you about your coffee? Is it something you just have to push through to jolt you out of your slumber, or do you REALLY love it? Either way, check out Refugio. If you’ve never had the good stuff, this is a good place to start living life the right way, my friend. The smell of roasting coffee beans wafting to the street every morning should be your clue that you’re in for a treat. Average prices: $

Rainbow Cafe

7a Avenida Sur #8 | 7832-1919 | Hours: 8 am – 11 pm daily |

Inexpensive, good breakfast, sandwiches and salads at lunchtime. Popular with the foreigners. They also have live music on weekends, open mike nights on Wednesdays. Average prices: $

there are many restaurants in antigua guatemala

Huevos Rancheros @ Panaderia y Cafe Santa Clara

Panaderia & Cafe Santa Clara

2a Avenida Sur #18 | 7832-6131 | Hours: 6:30 am daily. Closes: 9 pm (Mon-Sat), 2 pm (Sun) | Facebook Page Only

Like at Doña Luisa, the strength of this establishment is its successful bakery. But its cafe is very underrated. All-day breakfast is tasty and priced right. They also have an extensive lunch menu. Go on the right day, and you’ll also catch live music. Average prices: $

Cafe Condesa

5a Avenida (Across Parque Central) | 7832-0038 | Hours: 7 am every day. Closes: 8 pm (Sun-Th), 9 pm (Fri-Sat) |

Strong coffee, great omelets. Conveniently located right across from Parque Central. And for you, late morning stragglers, you’ll be pleased to know they serve breakfast all day! Sunday brunch. Average prices: $

Tenedor del Cerro

Cerro de Santa Ines | 7820-1221 | Hours: 7 am (Tue-Sun). Closes: 10 pm (Tu-Sat), 5 pm (Sun) |

This place gets a mention not so much for the food, which is OK, but the marvelous views. Come here for breakfast on a bright, sunny day, and gaze at the volcanoes into the distance from atop beautiful Santo Domingo del Cerro – click to open in new window. To get here, catch a free shuttle at Hotel Santo Domingo. (Santo Domingo del Cerro – Closed Mondays). Average prices: $$ (prices are for breakfast prices).

Finca Filadelfia – Cafetenango

150 meters north of the Church of San Felipe de Jesús | 7728-0800 | Hours: 7 am to 6 pm daily |

Outstanding – if pricey by Guatemalan standards – breakfast. It was here that for the first time, after multiple failed attempts, I fell in love with a well-done corn tortilla and delicious Guatemalan breakfast. Their coffee is top-notch, and you can browse their gift shop to get your hands on some. Average prices: $$

Cafetenango is outstanding, though you’ll need a ride to get there since it’s about a five-minute ride from town in nearby San Felipe. No worries though! There’s a free, cool Unimog truck shuttle leaving every day from the following locations (ask the driver for return times if you don’t want to stay until lunchtime):

Capuchinas Convent
2a Avenida Norte & 2a Calle Oriente
8:20, 10:20 and 13:20 Hrs

Ruins of San José El Viejo
8a Calle Poniente & 5a Avenida (near Porta Hotel Antigua)
8:30, 10:30 and 13:30 Hrs


Antigua Guatemala Restaurants have great food and ambiance

Hector’s Bistro

Pappy’s BBQ

6a Calle Poniente #21 | 7758-9595 | Hours: 11 am every day. Closes: 10 pm (Mon-Sat), 8 pm (Sun) |

Ribs? Brisket? Pulled pork? In Antigua? Yup. Prepared by a born and raised Texan. Told you this was a town for foodies. Get a plate of ribs for Q25 on Fridays. Oh, and go early, because they run out fast out of everything. Average prices: $

Hector’s Bistro

1a Calle Poniente #9A | 7832-9867 | Hours: 9 am (Mon-Sat), 9 pm (Sun). Closes: 9:30 pm (Mon-Tue), 10 pm (Wed), 10:30 pm (Th-Sat), 9 pm (Sun) | Facebook Page Only

Love this tiny restaurant. Friendly staff, though it tends to get busy at times. Try the beef tenderloin; you won’t be disappointed. Average prices: $$


1a Avenida Sur #4 |3035 4774 | Hours: 11 am to 10 pm (Tue-Sun) | Facebook Page Only

Antigua’s first food truck is a great place to grab a sandwich for lunch. Try the meatball sub, a crowd favorite. Combos usually run at Q30. Read our report hereAverage prices: $

Hugo’s Ceviches

7a Calle Poniente #11 | 7832-9354 | Hours: 11 am to 5 pm (Mon, Wed-Fri), 11 am to 7 pm (Sat-Sun) |

Sure, you can get ceviche out of the trucks parked out by Calzada Santa Lucia. But I have to be honest. I don’t get the appeal of eating delicious raw seafood while sitting on a stool placed on a dirty sidewalk, breathing chicken bus fumes. At the beach? Sure. But on the street? Instead, go to Hugo’s proper location. Not only is it pleasant, clean, and you get your pick of more delicious food, expertly prepared, but there are bathrooms, a small playpen for the young ones, and even free WiFi! Sure, some may disagree, but I’ll stick to the indoors location on this one. Average prices: $$


4a Calle Oriente #4A | 7832-3231 | Hours: 11 am – 10 pm (Wed-Mon) |

Another restaurant that consistently gets high marks from everyone I talk to. What’s taken me so long to go and try some of their unicorn steaks? Your guess is as good as mine. Will visit, eventually. I hear their ice cream is amazing too. Average prices: $$$

Bistrot Cinq

4a Calle Oriente #7 | 7758-9595 | Hours: 11 am every day. Closes: 10 pm (Mon-Sat), 8 pm (Sun) |

A genuine French bistro. Excellent for lunch and dinner with a big wine list and absinthe – offers a Sunday brunch. Expen$ive. Average prices: $$$

Cactus Grill (Cactus Taco Shop)

6a Calle Poniente #21 | 7832-2163 | Hours: 12 pm to 10 pm daily | Facebook Page Only

Skip the overpriced Mexican joint near the Arch – this is the place for authentic and delicious enchiladas, tacos, and burritos. Try the Pescado Loreto and the shrimp and bacon varieties. Average prices: $$


2a Avenida Sur #12 | 7832-0886 | Hours: 6 pm (Tue), 11:45 am (Wed-Sun). Closes: 9pm (Sun), 10pm (Tue-Sat) | Facebook Page Only

With many raving fans, this restaurant is known for its fabulous seafood dishes. Run by a Belgian Chef, the staff is among the friendliest in Antigua. Pet-friendly, which is nice. Average prices: $$$


Por Qué No? Cafe (Why Not? Cafe)

2a Avenida Sur, 9a Calle Oriente | 4324-5407 | Hours: 6pm – 10pm (Mon-Sat) |

Known for their eggplant dishes, this place won’t appeal to everyone due to its quirky ambiance. But hey, pubs are not Disneyland nor supposed to be for everyone – I think that character has to count for something these days, right? Average prices: $$

Meson Panza Verde

5a Avenida Sur #19 | 7955-8282 | Hours: 12 pm – 3 pm, 6 pm – 10 pm daily |

The place for a romantic evening or special occasion. Reserve the “Cueva” (grotto) if you really want to impress someone. High-end meals and wine to match, bring a loaded wallet and dress for the occasion. Although really, this IS Central America. You’d be easily paying double elsewhere for the same ambiance and food. Average prices: $$$$

Luna de Miel

6a Avenida Norte #40 | 7882-4559 | Hours: 9 am (Wed-Sun), 10 am (Mon-Tue). Closed: 9:30 pm (Mon-Sat), 9 pm (Sun) |

This stylish restaurant started the crepe craze in Antigua. Nice, relaxing terrace. Be warned – it gets packed on weekends. Average prices: $

On 1a Avenida

Cafe Sky

1a Avenida #15 | 7832-7300 | Hours: 8 am to 10 pm daily | Facebook Page Only

Rooftop bar with great views of Antigua and its volcanoes. A favorite place for tourists to enjoy cocktails at sunset. Offers mainly Mexican food – fajitas, burritos, quesadillas, etc., that’s popular with young crowds. The cafe has a downstairs sitting area and WiFi.

Angie Angie CafeArte

1a Avenida Sur #11A | 7832-3352 | Hours: 12 pm to 11 pm daily | Facebook Page Only

Has a pleasant courtyard and nightly bonfires. Angie, the owner, has her art on display throughout the restaurant (also for sale). Oven-baked gourmet pizzas and live music.


1a Avenida Sur #17B | 7832-9864 | Hours: 12 pm every day. Closes: 9 pm (Sun-Th), 10 pm (Fri-Sat) |

Great place if you’re in the mood for Italian food. Homemade pasta, bread, salads, soups, ravioli, and pizzas. Claudio, the owner, speaks perfect English.

La Gastroteca

1a Avenida Sur #6 | 7832-5717 | Hours: Lunch – 12pm-3:30pm (Mon, Wed-Fri), Dinner – 6pm-9:30pm (Mon, Wed-Fri), 12pm – 9:30pm (Sat-Sun) | n/a

Surrounded by Spanish colonial architecture, it can eventually dawn on travelers that, while the Maya culture is heavily emphasized and displayed everywhere in the form of Mayan textiles and designs, Spanish culture seems to be conspicuously absent. And that is by design, as the descendants of the same Spanish colonizers, claimed their independence and cut ties with the motherland, though retaining a sense of racial superiority.

One area where Spanish influence lives on, aside from the language, is in Guatemalan cuisine, as many ingredients and recipes were brought over from Europe, adapted and remixed to create the Guatemalan cuisine we know today. If you’ve had your fill of Mayan cuisine, then it’s only fair to go back to the source and explore the other side. La Gastroteca offers an authentic Spanish dining experience. From paella (rice and seafood dish) to seafood and quality wine, meats, and cheeses that are impossible to find elsewhere, a visit here is to tour Spain without having to cross over the pond. Expensive, but keep in mind all the money you’ll save by not needing to fly to Spain. Closed Tuesdays.

Toko Baru

1a Avenida Sur #17A | 4079-2092 | Hours: 12 pm daily. Closes: 9:30 pm (Mon-Sat), 8:30 pm (Sun) | Facebook Page Only

If you’re in the mood for huge, interesting, and affordable food portions, this is the place to visit. With a mix of Mediterranean, Indian, and Indonesian dishes, you’ll find something tasty to your liking in this simple and somewhat rustic establishment.

Not sure what to order? Ask the Dutch owner, Eduardo, a friendly fellow who’s easy to spot at the Mercado most mornings, looking for fresh produce. Try their curries, and famous fish and chips (the latter only available Thursdays and Fridays) are solid bets. Has a great selection of imported beers. Inexpensive too.

On 2a Avenida

Central Park Pizzeria

2a Avenida Sur #10B | 7832-1129 | Hours: 12 pm (Wed-Sun). Closes: 10 pm (Mon, Wed-Th, Sun), 11 pm (Fri-Sat). Closed Tuesdays  | Facebook Page Only

New to the scene, this authentic NY-style pizzeria is quickly becoming a favorite in town. The star is the pizza – fresh dough made daily, but you’ll also find real calzones (made with ricotta cheese, as it should be), and a small pasta/salad menu. Happy Hour is from 3 pm – 7 pm. Doors close at the stated times, but the Sports Bar keeps serving customers later. Delivery available.


2a Avenida Sur #12 | 7832-0886 | Hours: 6 pm (Tue), 11:45 am (Wed-Sun). Closes: 9pm (Sun), 10pm (Tue-Sat) | Facebook Page Only

This Belgian-owned restaurant has recently relocated to bigger digs at 2a Avenida Sur. Has a nice ambiance and serves some of the best authentic Spanish dishes in town. Tuna tartare, steaks, pasta and high-end salads are good picks. Have chocolate mousse for dessert – you won’t regret it. Prices higher than average.

¿Por Qué No? Cafe

2a Avenida Sur, 9a Calle Oriente | 4324-5407 | Hours: 6pm – 10pm (Mon-Sat) |

This tiny restaurant is a favorite of locals and expats. Has only a couple of tables downstairs and a six more crammed upstairs in the makeshift attic – which you get to by climbing a steep narrow staircase with the aid of a rope (sounds more difficult than it actually is).

Tasty steaks, burritos, pizzas, quesadillas, shrimp curry and eggplant dishes. Fills up fast, so get there early or make reservations. Wait for a table outside – there’s no room to do so inside the restaurant – and mingle with other patrons and chat up the friendly owners. Funky decoration and you can write a message on the wall with the markers provided. Very good value.

On 3a Avenida


3a Avenida Norte #11B | 7832-5545 | Hours: 10 am to 9 pm daily |

This upscale deli has an ample menu and great vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. From hamburgers to seafood, the food is fresh and well prepared. Lovely garden setting behind the restaurant as well. Pricey by Antigua standards.

El Cazador Italiano

3a Avenida Norte #1B | 7832-2955 | Hours: 12 pm – 11 pm daily |

Run by an Italian chef, this is the place to visit for high-end pizza. Thin crust pizzas with savory items, like prosciutto, are crowd favorites. Pasta and salads are available also, with a varied choice of Italian wines. Outdoor patio and beautiful terrace. Pricier than most local restaurants and a favorite of the affluent Guatemala City crowd.

Restaurante Las Antorchas

3a Avenida Sur #1 | 7832-0806 | Hours: Lunch – 11 am – 3 pm (Mon-Fri), until 4 pm (Sat), until 5 pm (Sun), Dinner – 6 pm – 10 pm (Mon-Sat) |

The elegant steakhouse has a good selection of meat cuts and traditional Guatemalan dishes. Kebabs and blue cheese steak medallions are two of their specialties. Pasta, soups, and salads round out the menu.

On 4a Avenida

Lava Terrace Bar & Burgers

4a Avenida Norte #7 | 7832-0268 | Hours: 12 pm – 12 am daily | Facebook Page Only

Great burgers and wing joint with a marvelous terrace. Located in El Barrio, a complex with three other bars.

On 5a Avenida

Los Tres Tiempos

5a Avenida Norte #31 | 7832-5161 | Hours: 8 am daily. Closes: 11 pm (Sun-Thu), 12 am (Fri-Sat) |

If you’re looking to eat typical Guatemalan food, presented with flair in an upscale setting, this is the place for you. Sure, you can have many of the same items a block away at La Merced Church for a fifth of the price, but if you can afford it, Los Tres Tiempos will deliver when it comes to ambiance, dish presentation, and quality of ingredients. Enjoyable terrace to have a drink in.

Restaurante Fridas

5a Avenida Norte #29 | 7832-0504 | Hours: 12 pm – 1 am daily |

Frida Kahlo-themed restaurant with serviceable Tex-Mex food. Ideally suited for less-than-adventurous travelers craving a “Mexican” dining experience… in Guatemala. Good margaritas. Pricey by Guatemalan standards and located just a few steps from Arco Santa Catalina. Live music at night.

Cafe Condesa

5a Avenida (Across Parque Central) | 7832-0038 | Hours: 7 am every day. Closes: 8 pm (Sun-Th), 9 pm (Fri-Sat) |

Tourists love the breakfasts here. Coffee is strong and very good, which they farm and roast – also available for sale. Their Sunday brunch buffet (eggs, pancakes, pastries, etc.) is very attractive and a good value at under Q80. Their New York Cheesecake is also a favorite menu item. Sandwiches and salads available. Expect to pay prices above average for Antigua.

Fonda de la Calle Real

3a Calle Poniente #7 | 7832-0507 | Hours: 12 pm – 10 pm daily |

One of the oldest restaurants in the city, beautifully decorated, serving Guatemalan traditional dishes. Every celebrity and visiting dignitary – from Charlie Sheen to Bill Clinton, visits Fonda on their way through town. But that doesn’t mean you have to – there are better options elsewhere, in places where food is prepared on the same day and not heated in a microwave. Pricey, especially for the type of food they serve. One more reason not to trust lazy guidebook writers without asking the locals first.

Mesón Panza Verde

5a Avenida Sur #19 | 7955-8282 | Hours: 12 pm – 3 pm, 6 pm – 10 pm daily |

Elegant restaurant with a beautiful rooftop area that doubles as an art gallery. It serves decent contemporary cuisine. Live jazz and piano music on weekends. Dress appropriately. On the high-end of the price scale, Panza Verde is suited for a romantic date.

On 6a Avenida

Luna de Miel

6a Avenida Norte #40 | 7882-4559 | Hours: 9 am (Wed-Sun), 10 am (Mon-Tue). Closed: 9:30 pm (Mon-Sat), 9 pm (Sun) |

Responsible for the crepe craze in Antigua. Lovely decoration and cute, comfortable covered terrace. Their crepes even get thumbs up from French visitors. Sweet crepes are their specialty. Smoothies and coffee are available.


6a Avenida Norte #19A | 7832-1984 | Hours: 6 pm (Tue), 12:30 pm (Wed-Sun). Closed: 10 pm (Tue-Sat), 4 pm (Sun) | Facebook Page Only

Japanese restaurant with an interesting concept, run by trained Colombian chefs – which explains the fusion of Latin and Asian dishes. Tempura, sashimi, and yakitori are among the recommended choices on their limited menu, but what they serve, they prepare expertly.

Casa Escobar

6a Avenida Norte #2 | 7832-5250 | Hours: 7 am – 10 pm daily |

The most expensive steakhouse in town, but then again, cheaper than a comparable restaurant in the USA. Also, keep in mind that beef in Guatemala is leaner, which may result in steaks that, while healthier, can be a bit tougher than you’re used to. Try Madre Tierra next door, also run by the owners of Casa Escobar – pay half the price for a less-upscale setting.

The Londoner Pub

6a Avenida Norte #6 | 7791-2701 | Hours: 12 pm (Mon-Thu), 10 am (Fri-Sun). Closes: 11 pm daily | Facebook Page Only

This British pub has pies, fish and chips, and many of the Queen’s favorites. Popular expat hangout with daily meal specials, happy hour, and live music on weekends.


6a Avenida Norte #1 | 7832-0978 | Hours: 8 am daily. Closes: 9 pm (Mon-Sat), 7 pm (Sun) |

One of the prettiest cafés in town with delicious French-inspired desserts – great coffee too. Sandwiches, salads, and soups available.

On 7a Avenida

Fernando’s Kaffe

7a Avenida Norte | 7832-6953 | Hours: 7 am every day. Closes: 7 pm (Mon-Sat), 12:30 pm (Sun) |

A laid-back cafe with an open courtyard, known for its coffee, which is roasted on site.

Rainbow Cafe

7a Avenida Sur #8 | 7832-1919 | Hours: 8 am – 11 pm daily |

A long-time favorite of expats and visiting tourists, Rainbow Cafe offers good breakfasts, soups, and sandwiches. The food is high-quality, and prices are in line with what a typical tourist on vacation expects to pay. Live music at 8 pm, open mic night on Wednesdays. Has a bookstore at the entrance to the restaurant.

On Calzada Santa Lucia


Portal del Comercio #8 | 7832-1244 | Hours: 8 am – 11 pm daily | Facebook Page Only

Near the Mercado, this restaurant serves up tasty Austrian food – the schnitzel is as good as you’ll find in Central America. Good lunch specials, comfortable ambiance. Wifi available.

Pupusería El Sapo y La Rana

Calzada Santa Lucía #11 | 4994-1249 | Hours: 10 am to 10 pm daily | Facebook Page Only

Try pupusas, a traditional dish from El Salvador. Have a giant pupusa – aka Mayan Pizza – if you’re starving.

On 1a Calle

Hector’s Bistro

1a Calle Poniente #9A | 7832-9867 | Hours: 12:15 pm daily. Closes: 10 pm (Sun-Th), 11 pm (Fri-Sat) | Facebook Page Only

For a long time – and still, considered one of the best restaurants in Antigua, this intimate, upscale French-inspired bistro delivers a great dining experience. Tiny restaurant, so it will feel like you have the place to yourself. Arrive early to secure a table.

On 3a Calle

El Refectorio del Prior

3a Calle Oriente #28A (Inside Hotel Santo Domingo) | 7820-1222 | Hours: 7 am to 10 pm daily. Dinner service starts at 7 pm |

Located inside the former convent of the Dominican order, this restaurant has one of the more dazzling settings in town – the perfect place for a romantic date. Latin, Guatemalan and South American dishes are above average. The tasting menu is a worthy splurge. Its Sunday brunch is also popular with tourists and locals alike. Good wine. Make a reservation and arrive early, so you can stroll the grounds and museums next to the restaurant.

El Tenedor del Cerro

Cerro de Santa Ines | 7820-1221 | Hours: 7 am (Tue-Sun). Closes: 10 pm (Tu-Sat), 5 pm (Sun) |

Owned by the same company that owns Hotel Casa Santo Domingo. The restaurant is located inside a compound with an open-air gallery, aviary, and children’s playground. It’s a white-tablecloth restaurant, so expect prices to be higher than average for Antigua. International menu, with pizzas, pasta, and meat dishes. Great views of Antigua and surrounding volcanoes.

To get here, you can walk (not recommended, as it’s a kilometers-long, steep climb). Drive (there’s a Q10 parking fee), or better yet, take the free scenic shuttle that leaves from the entrance of Hotel Casa Santo Domingo (3a Calle Oriente) – it departs every 15-25 minutes.


3a Calle Oriente #21 | 7832-6579 | Hours: 12 pm every day. Closes: 10 pm (Sun-Mon), 10:30 pm (Tue-Th), 11 pm (Fri-Sat) |

Argentinian steak house – an excellent choice for meat lovers. The restaurant has a garden-like setting. Steaks are grilled any way you want and most dishes include access to their generous salad bar. Choose chorizo, fish, or pasta if you’re not in the mood for steak. Skip the appetizer and save room for dessert instead, which is also great – alfajores are highly recommended, if available.

On 4a Calle

Doña Luisa Xicotencatl

4a Calle Oriente #12 | 7832-2578 | Hours: 7 am – 9:30 pm daily |

While the take-out bakery gets all the accolades – the best banana bread you’ll ever have comes out hot out of the oven early in the afternoon, the two-story restaurant behind the bakery is worth a visit. Doña Luisa has a varied menu – soups and sandwiches, and salads.

Roots Juice Bar & Cafe

4a Calle Oriente #5 | 7832-9844 | Hours: 10 am (Mon-Fri), 10:30 am (Sat), 11 am (Sun). Closes: 7 pm (Mon-Fri), 8 pm (Sat), 6 pm (Sun) | Facebook Page Only

Healthy eating that won’t break the budget, this cute spot serves up colorful salads, smoothies and great sandwiches and gyros. I love their tomato soup.

The Exit Inn

4a Calle Oriente #5 | 5630-8678 | Hours: 12 pm to 11 pm daily | Facebook Page Only

Popular pub with crowd-pleasing burgers and a friendly atmosphere.


4a Calle Oriente #21 | 7832-0630 | Hours: 12 pm daily. Closes: 10 pm (Mon-Th), 10:30 pm (Fri-Sun) |

It has one of the most romantic settings in Antigua. Quality international dishes – lobster, steak, rabbit, are expertly prepared. High prices, as it leans towards the “special occasion” category.

Michos Gastropub

4a Calle Oriente #10 | 7832-3522 | Hours: 12 pm (Mon-Tue), 8 am (Wed-Sat), 9 am (Sun). Closes: 10 pm (Mon-Thu), 12 am (Fri-Sat), 9 pm (Sun) | Facebook page Only

Small bar with creative fusion cuisine – chocolate pasta? Coffee-glazed pork? Michos consistently ranks as one of the better dining options in town. Cocktails, like their Avocado Margarita, are tasty, as are lamb sliders. Small bar, but it has tables available in the courtyard behind it. Prices higher than average.

Bistrot Cinq

4a Calle Oriente #7 | 7758-9595 | Hours: 11 am every day. Closes: 10 pm (Mon-Sat), 8 pm (Sun) |

Pricey upscale French bistro. Reservations are probably required if visiting on a weekend night. Duck and absinthe are these restaurant’s claim to fame. Bears repeating, but it’s expensive.


4a Calle Oriente #1C | 7882-4606 | Hours: 12 pm every day. Closes: 8 pm (Tue-Wed), 10 pm (Th-Sat), 4 pm (Sun) |

Just a half block away from Parque Central. This restaurant serves European cuisine by French owner and chef Jean Francois. Pasta, steaks, duck, and seafood dominate the menu. The rooftop terrace oversees the ruins of Bishop Marroquin’s former residence, located next to the cathedral, as well as a direct view of surrounding volcanoes. Prices higher than average.


4a Calle Oriente #4A | 7832-3231 | Hours: 11 am – 10 pm (Wed-Mon) |

Alex Ferrar, the owner/painter/writer extends his creative talents to the kitchen in this restaurant located less than a block away from Parque Central. It’s no ordinary menu. Fancy unicorn steak, or chicken in a banana-jalapeño sauce? Alex will make it for you. And if you don’t like his food, he may challenge you to a duel – I’m not kidding. Margaritas, pizzas, and desserts are exceptional, as are the gourmet ice creams – flavors like beer and bacon, Cuban cigar, avocado, and apple pie, are worth tasting. Sobremesa also has a small ice cream shop around the corner (Helados Exóticos – 4a Avenida Norte #5A) where you can sample dozens of his ice cream creations.

Papazitos (Romeo y Julieta)

4a Calle Oriente #4A | 7758-5858 | Hours: 12 pm – 3:30 pm, 6 pm – 10 pm (Mon-Fri), 12 pm – 10 pm (Sat), 12 pm – 9 pm (Sun) |

The kitchen recently received a facelift with the arrival last year of Chef Fraccari Ivano, from Verona, Italy. A great value, the restaurant gets high marks for the authenticity of its Italian dishes — the ravioli is highly recommended, as are the pizzas.

On 5a Calle


5a Calle Poniente #15C | 4150-3788 | Hours: 12 pm to 9 pm (Sun-Fri), 10 pm (Sat) | Facebook Page Only

Previously located just half a block from Parque Central. Owner Jin serves up authentic Korean dishes. Good kimchi and the Korean BBQ is always a fun experience, especially if you’re with dining with a companion.

Chez Christophe

5a Calle Poniente #8 | 7832-1784 | Hours: 11 am to 10 pm (Thu-Tue), closed Wednesdays |

Christophe, Meson Panza Verde’s former chef, prepares great pizzas and pasta in his restaurant, just a half-block away from Parque Central. Salmon, duck, frog legs and steak dishes are also available.

On 6a Calle

Cactus Grill

6a Calle Poniente #21 | 7832-2163 | Hours: 12 pm to 10 pm daily | Facebook Page Only

This is the best place in town for outstanding Mexican food and cocktails. Go for the famous shrimp and bacon tacos/burritos, or fish tacos. Pricey by Central American standards, but worth it. Live music most nights.


6a Calle Poniente #33 | 7832-2200 | Hours: 7 am – 10 pm (Mon, Wed-Sun), 9 am (Tue) | Facebook Page Only

For fans of health-conscious eating, Samsara is the go-to spot in town. Plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian options for everyone, including smoothies that are meals unto themselves. The restaurant is cozy and has a new-age vibe – all religions welcome if decorations are any indication. Also, has an extensive selection of teas. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

San Martin

Corner of 6a Calle Oriente & 5a Avenida Sur | 2420-9938 | Hours: 6 am – 10 pm daily |

This bakery/restaurant is one of the most successful chains in Guatemala – and for a good reason. The bakery has a good variety of bread, pastries, and cakes, while the restaurant offers a diverse menu. Pasta, pizzas, soups, sandwiches, burgers and traditional breakfasts available and the service is friendly and attentive. San Martin has a large courtyard with additional, smaller seating areas. Lunch specials available.

Pappy’s BBQ

6a Calle Poniente #21 | 7758-9595 | Hours: 11 am every day. Closes: 10 pm (Mon-Sat), 8 pm (Sun) |

As close as you can get to authentic barbecue from Texas in Antigua. Blake, owner, and native Texan has all the favorites: pulled pork, smoked meats, brisket, ribs, hamburgers, Texas chicken, and requisite sides. Generous portions, but not a cheap meal. WiFi/Delivery.

Tre Fratelli

6a Calle Poniente #30 | 7832-7730 | Hours: 7 am daily. Closes: 11 pm (Mon-Wed), 12 am (Thu-Sat), 10 pm (Sun) |

Guatemala’s answer to Olive Garden – minus the endless breadsticks. More upscale than your typical chain restaurant. Has pasta, pizzas, and tasty garlic bread. Lovely terrace.

On 7a Calle

Zoola Antigua

7a Calle Poniente #15 | 7832-0364 | Hours: 8 am – 10 pm every day |

Israeli-oriented backpacker restaurant. A relaxed vibe in an open courtyard with floor cushions and low tables. Serves middle-eastern fare – great hummus, and has loads of vegetarian options.

Inexpensive Local Eateries

If you’re looking to have an authentic dining experience, look no further. These restaurants are a great bargain. The following places serve tried-and-true Guatemalan comfort food that is filling and light on the wallet (or purse).

El Portón

6a Calle Oriente #8 | n/a | Hours: 7 am to 3:30 pm daily | n/a

My go-to place for an inexpensive, Guatemalan-style breakfast (oatmeal, eggs cooked your way, refried black beans, bread/tortillas, fried sweet plantains, cheese, and coffee) for only Q15 ($2USD). Lunch menu changes daily, but they often have good soups and pepián for only Q25, the latter a bargain and authentic to boot.

Rincon Típico

3a Avenida Sur #3 | 7832-5848 | Hours: 7 am to 8 pm daily | Facebook Page Only

A bit more expensive (Q30 for lunch), their portions are huge – go for the Pollo a la leña (wood-fired roasted chicken), which is very tasty.

Refacciones y Pupuseria Odilia

3a Calle #1 | n/a | Hours: 7 am daily | n/a

Inexpensive home-cooked lunches served in a hole in the wall. Lunches cost Q20, and you can choose whatever is on the grill that day. Longanizas (pork sausages) are great, as are their stews.

Casa de las Mixtas

3er Callejón Cofiño (off 3a Calle Poniente, near Calzada Santa Lucia) | 7832-1455 | Hours: 7:30 am to 9 pm (Mon-Fri). Closed on weekends | n/a

Friendly staff, inexpensive (Q20) lunch menu – includes a starter soup, roll, main dish with sides, tortillas, drink, and dessert. Or get a burrito for the same price. Has a la carte menu. The Q30 fish fillet lunch, available daily, is worth the ‘splurge.’ Not the cleanest restaurant in town.

La Canche

6a Avenida Norte #42 | n/a | Hours: 8 am to 10 pm daily | Facebook Page Only

A local institution, this ‘restaurant’ has been here seemingly forever and is listed in all the big guidebooks. To visit, enter the owner’s small ‘tienda’ and go behind the counter to the store in the back. While there are other places serving equal and/or better Guatemalan food in nicer settings, this place is worth a visit if only to experience what it’s like to have a Guatemalan grandmother serve you food right at her humble kitchen. The most famous dish here is the pepián, Guatemala’s national dish. If you’re the squeamish type, this place might not be for you. You might even spot grandma Zoila Reyna Urízar Soto, aka “Canche” – which is Guatemalan slang for ‘blonde’.

Fast Food Restaurants

If you’ve traveled thousands of miles and the only thing that will make your vacation perfect is a BigMac, who am I to judge? Maybe your children are picky eaters. Perhaps you’ve been traveling for a few months already and feel a little nostalgic for home. Could be you’re a bit curious if a Whopper tastes the same in Guatemala. Whatever your reason for bypassing the dozens of much better options in town, we’ve got you covered.


4a Calle Poniente #21 | 1770 | Hours: 7 am daily |

It’s been said that this location has the best courtyard in town – I can’t disagree. Check out the McCafé – in Guatemala, McDonald’s locations usually have a small, Starbucks-like café that’s separate from the restaurant. Don’t forget to try their fried chicken – it’s delicious. It has a children’s playground. They have delivery available. Fact: Did you know that Happy Meals were invented in Guatemala?

Burger King

4a Calle Poniente #7 | 7832-4712| Hours: 6 am daily |

Second class joint in Guatemala too.

Taco Bell

4a Calle Poniente #18 | 2202-0000 | Hours: 7 am |

A new addition to the town. Just like McDonald’s, it sits in a beautifully restored colonial home. Expensive house, cheap food, outlets for your electronic devices – not a bad place.


5a Avenida Norte #10 (across from Parque Central) | 1-801-003-7374 | Hours: 8 am |

Lacks charm, but has a huge, quiet upstairs section with WiFi.

Little Ceasars

4a Calle Poniente #32A |1-801-007-4992 | Hours: 9 am daily |

Another newcomer. Super popular with locals and cash-strapped backpackers. Can’t beat the value of a basic cheese pizza for only Q35, ham or pepperoni for Q40. Carry out only.


5a Avenida Norte #7 | 2385-5094 | Hours: 9 am to 10 pm daily |

Has daily sub specials and promotions for small groups.

Dunkin’ Donuts

4a Calle Poniente #20 | 2218-5300 | Hours: 7 am to 10 pm daily |

Why would anyone come here for coffee when there are so many excellent options just steps away is a mystery to me. Come for colorful donuts, often decorated to mark local holidays.


4a Calle Oriente #29E & Calzada Santa Lucía #12 | 7832-1043 | Hours: 9 am daily. Closes: 9 pm (Mon, Wed, Fri) 10 pm (Tue, Thu, Sat-Sun) |

2×1 special Tuesday and Thursday.

Papa John’s

4a Avenida Norte #2 | 2500-0000 | Hours: 10 am daily |

Another newcomer in town. Same pizzas you remember from the US.

Local Fast Food Chains

Pollo Campero

5a Avenida Norte #14 & Calzada Santa Lucía #8 | 1777 | Hours: 8 am to 9 pm daily |

Guatemala’s most successful franchise, with locations in Las Vegas, Washington D.C., and New York. Good fried chicken, if pricey by Guatemalan standards.


4a Calle Poniente #17 | 7832-0392 | Hours: 7 am to 10 pm daily |

Guatemala’s version of Applebee’s – huge menu filled with mostly bland food. Popular with groups.

Mr. Sushi

4a Calle Oriente #27 | 7832-7837 | Hours: 12 pm to 10 pm daily |

Local sushi chain restaurant. Not bad, but better can be found elsewhere.


Calzada Santa Lucía Sur #1B | 5063-5553 | Hours: 7 am daily | Facebook Page Only

This hole in the wall fried chicken takeout joint is always packed.


Really into food? See more here:


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27 thoughts on “Antigua Guatemala Restaurants: Top 20 List and Directory

  1. What’s your favorite? Im taking notes of the places i’ve seen here so far and Rest so when we go this yr, you know where to take us. :-)

  2. Rincon Tipica has amazing very large portions of typical local cuisine. Breakfasts are 15Q, lunch is 20Q.($2 & $2.50)
    Blue Tree Cafe has the best cakes, cookies and muffins in all of Antigua by far! There’s this gringo that has started baking all of their desserts for them and he knows what he’s doing. They have great coffee and drinks as well. 10Q-20Q ($1-$2.50)

    1. Love Rincon Tipico, Aaron! It gets a special mention on our Antigua Pocket Guide, under “Guatemalan Cuisine”. Thanks for the tip about Blue Tree Cafe. Will have to check it out.


  3. Nothing about the crowed place Luna de Miel ?
    Best place ever …. desayuno almuerzo y cena.
    It s cheap a very tasty ! … and so fast.

    1. Hi Gerardo. If even one person in the forums or our Facebook page had raved about it, I would’ve included them. But nobody mentioned it as a favorite. Maybe their fans need to be more vocal like you :)


  4. I disagree a lot with your list and I lived 5 years in Antigua and food is everything for me and my husband! You re right on Hector, but I have to say that the craziest dish is the duck. I also agree for Metiz french bistro! You don’t speak about Como Como, the food there is just amazing, the service is great and it’s really a beautiful place! There is also a really good italian restaurant El Cazador Italiano! And again I completely disagree with you for Bistro 5, it’s expensive, the service is bad and the food has nothing to do with a french bistro (I am french and used to live in Paris) We tried 3 times Bistro 5 and we were highly disappointed!

    1. Hi Virginie! You’re welcome to disagree :) That’s what I love about Antigua, there are options for everyone.

      Thanks for voicing your recommendations. The list will be ever improving, so any other good places you know about (unless you want to keep them secret), please share!


    1. Alright, John… Two recommendations for Como Como are enough for me. Will update list later today :)


  5. Hi! just a few updates for Rainbow Café: They´ve been hosting live music nightly since the opening (1992). Open Mic Night is a must to attend! The menu us full of vegetarian (some of them vegan and gluten free) options. They serve locally grown organic lettuce (the same served at other high end restaurants).Breakfast include freshly squeezed orange juice and real coffee!

    1. Good to know about the vegan and gluten free options, Cristi! Would like to add more great restaurants that offer such options.


  6. Papazzitos Pizza should be in the list, its been there more than 25 years and the Santa Fe pizza and the pesto is amazing. They have whole dought too.

  7. You MUST try Toko Baru (just south of Cafe No Se) – they have the best curry (Indian & Asian) and great prices – the Owner is almost always there & very friendly.

  8. Just heard about Sat Nam, a healthy vegetarian cafe at 4a avenida sur, casa #5. The door is tiny and easy to miss. I haven’t eaten there yet but like-minded people rave about it. Trying to get there this week while I’m here in Antigua. Aside from mung beans, rice noodles, etc., they also have arepas and ceviche since the owner is South American. Can’t wait to try it!

    1. Hi Lorena! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve seen the restaurant and will try it one of these days – have heard good things about it. Have included it in the Essentials Guide.


  9. I am looking to make a suggestion for a change because you have a restaurant that no longer exists but i can not find any contact information on your site

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