Good Eats in Antigua Guatemala: Shtilero Sandwich Truck

***Shtilero now has a permanent location! Find the truck at 1a Avenida Sur #4 – Open from 8 am to 10 pm.*** While there are many food street vendors in and around Antigua and throughout the country, it’s unusual to find food trucks anywhere in Guatemala. Most street vendors usually prefer to set up shopContinue reading “Good Eats in Antigua Guatemala: Shtilero Sandwich Truck”

Valhalla Macadamia Farm: Visitors Guide

Let’s play a quick game of mental association. When I say “macadamia,” what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, it’ll probably be “Hawaii”. But did you know that macadamia trees are indigenous to Australia? Hawaii just happened to market macadamia nuts better than anyone else. In fact, Hawaii now has to import macadamiasContinue reading “Valhalla Macadamia Farm: Visitors Guide”

Caoba Farms, Antigua Guatemala: Visitors Guide

Contrary to what many people believe, not all fruits and vegetables found at Antigua’s Mercado are wholesome and organic. In fact, many crops are sprayed with a huge amount of pesticides – some claim that in Guatemala up to 40% more pesticides are used than actually necessary. That is the reason why we wash allContinue reading “Caoba Farms, Antigua Guatemala: Visitors Guide”

Best Tamales and Guatemalan Cuisine in Antigua

Not long ago, as I walked by an outdoor cafe – which will remain unnamed, I saw something that made me cringe. I noticed a young man, one who fit the profile of a tourist, staring at the plate in front of him, his right hand gripping a fork. There was doubt in his eyes,Continue reading “Best Tamales and Guatemalan Cuisine in Antigua”

San Felipe De Jesus Church: Great Handicrafts And Street Food

The town of San Felipe is just 5 minutes away from Antigua Guatemala. If you’re in town, it’s a great place to visit – their handicrafts market sells quality stuff at a better price than in Antigua, plus the street food at the back of the market is some of the best in Guatemala. GettingContinue reading “San Felipe De Jesus Church: Great Handicrafts And Street Food”