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Your stay abroad, whether short-term or long, should be enjoyable and memorable. Traveling to a foreign country – specially if this is your first time – can be stressful. This is where we come in.



We live here and know the ins and outs. Even when we don’t have answers to obscure questions, we know where to go for answers. If you have questions – a few or a lot – we can help answer them. We’ve been helping travelers and future expats discover the best Antigua has to offer, laying out options that are tailored to their budgets and interests.


If you’re traveling short-term, we can help you plan your trip. If you’re thinking of moving here, we can help you ease your mind and answer your most pressing questions – that’s the advantage of having access to someone that has boots on the ground.


Because we’re not a travel agency, keep in mind that we can only recommend transportation and lodging options. We can help translate and possibly verify reservations locally, but you’ll have to make reservations yourself.


If you’d like to arrange a consultation in person, contact me first to verify my current location.


To meet in-person, the cost is $50 per half hour.


For phone consultations – via Skype – the cost is $75, which covers extra time we spend looking over your questions and researching before the call. For phone consultation, every additional 15 minutes costs $25. All prices are in US dollars.


These are the things you should have on hand at time we meet in-person or via phone:


  1. Pen and paper: You should take notes of the information received, as a summary won’t be provided.
  2. List of questions, prioritized: It helps keep the conversation focused so we can answer your most pressing questions.
  3. Your itinerary: have your travel dates on hand as well as a list of preferred destinations, attractions, or specific questions pertaining your relocation here.


Try to make your appointment at least a week in advance to secure a date and time that fits your schedule. Ready to book a consultation? Fill out the form below. Please add your timezone to ensure that the call occurs at the scheduled time.


Once you submit the form, we’ll acknowledge receipt within 24 hours. You’ll also receive confirmation and a bill.


We’d love to make your adventure the best one yet!


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