Antigua Guatemala’s Coffee Tours, Teas and Chocolate: A Guide

Antigua Guatemala is very much linked to coffee, both in tradition and culturally. Antigua’s resurgence is due in part to its abundance of fertile volcanic soil, which is suitable for growing coffee beans. Today, you can’t walk half a block without stumbling into yet another coffee shop – great news for coffee-lovers. Even Starbucks hasContinue reading “Antigua Guatemala’s Coffee Tours, Teas and Chocolate: A Guide”

Central Park, Antigua Guatemala: Visitors Guide

Parque Central is as old as the city, but while everything in the city suggests that for once time stood still, this park continues to evolve. Today, it’s one of the best places to people-watch and a favorite meeting place for locals and tourists alike. From the city’s inception, the plaza was designed to beContinue reading “Central Park, Antigua Guatemala: Visitors Guide”

Antigua Guatemala Spanish Schools: A Guide

Antigua Guatemala is a popular destination for Spanish-language learners, as there are excellent schools here, at good prices. Beware, however, that not all schools are created equal and the quality of instruction varies. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the right school to achieve your educational goals and to help you makeContinue reading “Antigua Guatemala Spanish Schools: A Guide”

Santa Catalina Arch, Antigua Guatemala: Visitors Guide

At first, it isn’t evident how much remains of the original Santa Catalina Virgen y Martir Convent. Because of its prime real estate location, most of what was once the church and convent has over the years been divided into private lots. The cloisters of Santa Catalina are now private property, owned by a localContinue reading “Santa Catalina Arch, Antigua Guatemala: Visitors Guide”

Pacaya Volcano Hike, Guatemala: Visitors Guide

If you want to cross off “CLIMB A VOLCANO” off your bucket list, you can still do that here with minimal strain. Check out our guide to hiking Pacaya Volcano below. Before visiting Guatemala, the closest I’d been to a volcano was when I visited Leahi Volcano – better known as iconic Diamond Head Volcano,Continue reading “Pacaya Volcano Hike, Guatemala: Visitors Guide”