Getting Around: Driving In Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is a small city of under 40,000 residents. Most people get around Antigua on foot or using a patchwork network of privately-owned public transportation. Many residents own motorcycles or scooters to get around town. Those who can afford it prefer cars for trips to the city and nearest big-box stores and supermarkets. DrivingContinue reading “Getting Around: Driving In Antigua Guatemala”

Santa Catalina Arch, Antigua Guatemala: Visitors Guide

At first, it isn’t evident how much remains of the original Santa Catalina Virgen y Martir Convent. Because of its prime real estate location, most of what was once the church and convent has over the years been divided into private lots. The cloisters of Santa Catalina are now private property, owned by a localContinue reading “Santa Catalina Arch, Antigua Guatemala: Visitors Guide”

Pacaya Volcano Hike, Guatemala: Visitors Guide

If you want to cross off “CLIMB A VOLCANO” off your bucket list, you can still do that here with minimal strain. Check out our guide to hiking Pacaya Volcano below. Before visiting Guatemala, the closest I’d been to a volcano was when I visited Leahi Volcano – better known as iconic Diamond Head Volcano,Continue reading “Pacaya Volcano Hike, Guatemala: Visitors Guide”

Our Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide 2017 Edition Is Now Available!

If you’ve been wondering what I’m up to and why I haven’t been writing as much on this site, then wonder no more. I’m pleased to announce I’ve completed my latest project, the Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide. A lot of work has been put into it to make it as useful as possible for you.Continue reading “Our Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide 2017 Edition Is Now Available!”

Santa Ana Children’s Procession In Antigua Guatemala

There were two children’s procession in Antigua today. Unfortunately, I could only make it to one. A children’s procession is always a crowd favorite – almost everything is done on a miniature scale, by children, from the music to anda bearers. Children’s processions are a relatively recent development, spiking in popularity in the latter halfContinue reading “Santa Ana Children’s Procession In Antigua Guatemala”