Guatemala National Palace: Visitors Guide

Guatemala City is divided into 25 “zones”, with the historic downtown designated as Zone 1, or Zona 1. While an interesting city and the largest in Central America, Guatemala City does not have the best reputation as far as safety is concerned. The good news is that it isn’t the danger zone some make it out toContinue reading “Guatemala National Palace: Visitors Guide”

Holy Week Photos: Antigua Guatemala Processions – Part 2

As I mentioned last Friday on my first post about Antigua Guatemala processions, there are a number of smaller processions carried out before the really big ones on Easter Weekend. Out of the earlier ones, my favorite ones are definitely children’s processions. They carry all the pomp, costumes, and solemnity of all the other ones, butContinue reading “Holy Week Photos: Antigua Guatemala Processions – Part 2”

Good Friday Procession: La Merced Church

One of the most interesting events I have seen during my travels is the annual Easter Week religious processions in Antigua Guatemala. There are others, notably in Mexico and Spain, but it can be argued that Antigua’s have the best overall displays. Antigua’s beautiful colonial building make for a colorful background, which definitely contributes to theContinue reading “Good Friday Procession: La Merced Church”

La Aurora Zoo, Guatemala City: Visitors Guide

Last Saturday morning, our family was sitting around, wondering what to do for the day. We didn’t want to travel too far. Not likely anyway, since we hadn’t planned for any trips. We could always go hang out in Antigua, but today we all agreed we felt like doing something different. My wife said sheContinue reading “La Aurora Zoo, Guatemala City: Visitors Guide”

Guatemala Visa Extension: Guide To Renewing Your Tourist Visa

*This article has been updated on April 30, 2018* The process to obtain a Guatemala visa extension is well-documented, although there’s a lot of incomplete and outdated information out there. I’ll give you the latest info on the process. If driving to Guatemala, you’ll need to update the vehicle’s permit as well – a vehicleContinue reading “Guatemala Visa Extension: Guide To Renewing Your Tourist Visa”