Is Antigua Guatemala Safe To Visit After Volcan De Fuego’s Eruption?

In the past few days, quite a few readers have been sending me emails expressing their worries about traveling to Guatemala. The questions usually go like this: “Hey Rich, I (or ‘my son/daughter’) will be traveling to Guatemala soon. Will they be safe despite the recent eruptions of Volcan de Fuego and/or Pacaya Volcano?” Wait…Continue reading “Is Antigua Guatemala Safe To Visit After Volcan De Fuego’s Eruption?”

Fuego Volcano Eruption In Guatemala: How To Help

Sunday morning, on June 4, Fuego Volcano began rumbling like thunder and erupting with great columns of ash, both seen and heard from miles away. This was not unusual, as Fuego is an active volcano – eruptions like the one on Sunday morning seemed a bit stronger than most, but nothing particularly worrisome. But onContinue reading “Fuego Volcano Eruption In Guatemala: How To Help”

Guatemala Carnival: Cascarones, Pica Pica And Parades

While shopping at the Mercado in Antigua, you might come across stands selling painted eggshells, similar to Easter eggs. These colorful eggs are known as “cascarones”. Next to the eggs, you’ll typically see bags of bright confetti (pica pica). Cascarones (eggshells) Pica pica (confetti) The eggshells are filled with confetti and their sole purpose is to beContinue reading “Guatemala Carnival: Cascarones, Pica Pica And Parades”

Christmas Activities In Antigua Guatemala

Christmas season in Antigua Guatemala is in full swing right now. There are posadas almost every day and it’s easy to find traditional hot ponches – my wife prefers the more popular fruit version (de frutas – made with pineapple and dried fruits), while I prefer the milk version (de leche – somewhat like eggnogContinue reading “Christmas Activities In Antigua Guatemala”

Nance (Yellow Cherries): Guatemalan Fruits

Nances (Yellow Cherries) are one of those polarizing fruits – if you grew up eating it, there’s nothing better in the world than gorging on them. If you’ve never tasted it before, you might be wondering what the fawning in Guatemala for nance is all about. If you’ve never had it before, you might justContinue reading “Nance (Yellow Cherries): Guatemalan Fruits”