Guatemala Carnival: Cascarones, Pica Pica And Parades

While shopping at the Mercado in Antigua, you might come across stands selling painted eggshells, similar to Easter eggs. These colorful eggs are known as “cascarones”. Next to the eggs, you’ll typically see bags of bright confetti (pica pica). Cascarones (eggshells) Pica pica (confetti) The eggshells are filled with confetti and their sole purpose is to beContinue reading “Guatemala Carnival: Cascarones, Pica Pica And Parades”

Antigua Guatemala Procession Schedule (2019)

Antigua Guatemala’s Lenten season and Holy Week for 2018 is already over – which is unusual since the season this year started a lot earlier than in previous years. But it’s never too early to start planning for next year! To help you plan for 2019’s season, I’m laying out the Antigua Guatemala procession schedule almostContinue reading “Antigua Guatemala Procession Schedule (2019)”

Traditional Christmas Dishes Of Guatemala You Should Try

Every country has their own holiday traditions when it comes to food, and Guatemala is no exception. Here are the Christmas dishes of Guatemala you need to try to make your Guatemalan Christmas experience complete. Tamales Colorados (Red Tamales) Tamales can be had year-round in Guatemala. With over 250 regional varieties, you could spend wellContinue reading “Traditional Christmas Dishes Of Guatemala You Should Try”

Christmas Activities In Antigua Guatemala

Christmas season in Antigua Guatemala is in full swing right now. There are posadas almost every day and it’s easy to find traditional hot ponches – my wife prefers the more popular fruit version (de frutas – made with pineapple and dried fruits), while I prefer the milk version (de leche – somewhat like eggnogContinue reading “Christmas Activities In Antigua Guatemala”

Thanksgiving Dinners in Antigua Guatemala for 2015

Old habits die hard. In Antigua Guatemala this week and fancying some roasted turkey with a helping of cranberry sauce? You’re in luck! More than a few Thanksgiving Dinner options available in town and all “crazy aunt/uncle” free. And if you don’t have a crazy aunt/uncle, could it be… that you’re the crazy one inContinue reading “Thanksgiving Dinners in Antigua Guatemala for 2015”