Traditional Christmas Dishes Of Guatemala You Should Try

Every country has their own holiday traditions when it comes to food, and Guatemala is no exception. Here are the Christmas dishes of Guatemala you need to try to make your Guatemalan Christmas experience complete. Tamales Colorados (Red Tamales) Tamales can be had year-round in Guatemala. With over 250 regional varieties, you could spend wellContinue reading “Traditional Christmas Dishes Of Guatemala You Should Try”

Ermita De La Santa Cruz: Christmas Wallpaper

December and January’s Antigua wallpaper calendars are now ready! This wallpaper calendar features Ermita de la Santa Cruz, which we’ve featured before in a previous Antigua calendar. It’s not often you get to see Antigua’s ruins flanked by giant nutcrackers! Nutcrackers at Ermita de la Santa Cruz I’d been wanting to get a closer look at the ruinsContinue reading “Ermita De La Santa Cruz: Christmas Wallpaper”

Guatemalan Fireworks And Virgen de Guadalupe Day

The first time it happens, don’t be surprised if you experience what feels like a mild heart attack. There you are, snuggled up under a toasty blanket when suddenly, a small war breaks out outside your front door. Panic hits you first, then comes a sick feeling of disorientation. “Where am I?”,  you ask yourself?Continue reading “Guatemalan Fireworks And Virgen de Guadalupe Day”

Christmas in Antigua Guatemala: A Night at Calle del Arco

I love Christmas festivities and Antigua has so far exceeded expectations this year. Celebrations kicked off with the traditional burning of the devil. With that out of the way, it was time to bring on the fireworks – Guatemalans thoroughly enjoy them. Took this pic at last weeks firework show: Fireworks show in front ofContinue reading “Christmas in Antigua Guatemala: A Night at Calle del Arco”

Santa Catalina Arch Wallpaper: Antigua Guatemala

December’s desktop wallpaper calendars are now available! Featuring Santa Catalina Arch and Guatemalan handicrafts. Instructions on how to download below. ***Looking for a list of Events happening in Antigua this month? Click here*** Santa Catalina Arch Guatemalan Handicrafts These desktop calendars are available in a US-friendly version that features Sunday as the first day ofContinue reading “Santa Catalina Arch Wallpaper: Antigua Guatemala”