Our Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide 2017 Edition Is Now Available!

If you’ve been wondering what I’m up to and why I haven’t been writing as much on this site, then wonder no more. I’m pleased to announce I’ve completed my latest project, the Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide. A lot of work has been put into it to make it as useful as possible for you.Continue reading “Our Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide 2017 Edition Is Now Available!”

September 2016 Antigua Guatemala Calendar – San Francisco Atrium

Check out the wallpaper calendar for September 2016, a beautiful photo from inside the atrium of San Francisco Church, Agua volcano looming in the background. One of my all-time favorite photos. This calendar is available in a US-friendly format which marks Sunday as the first day of the week – Labor Day is the big holiday coming up. ToContinue reading “September 2016 Antigua Guatemala Calendar – San Francisco Atrium”

Doors of Antigua Guatemala – Photos

Doors are a favorite subject of casual and professional photographers who visit Antigua Guatemala. Unlike your typical suburban home in the US, big front yards are rare here. Houses in Antigua, built in the colonial style brought by the Spanish, are full of mystery. Unless you’re invited into a home, or happen to catch a peekContinue reading “Doors of Antigua Guatemala – Photos”

Ermita De La Santa Cruz: Christmas Wallpaper

December and January’s Antigua wallpaper calendars are now ready! This wallpaper calendar features Ermita de la Santa Cruz, which we’ve featured before in a previous Antigua calendar. It’s not often you get to see Antigua’s ruins flanked by giant nutcrackers! Nutcrackers at Ermita de la Santa Cruz I’d been wanting to get a closer look at the ruinsContinue reading “Ermita De La Santa Cruz: Christmas Wallpaper”

Giant Kites of Guatemala: Wallpaper Photos

It’s the end of the year and in Guatemala, unless you’re around touristy sites like Antigua, the holiday season can look very different. Sure, the “hip” young crowd is into Halloween parties and consumerism. You don’t have to look very hard – in Antigua at least – for restaurants that offer Thanksgiving dinners with allContinue reading “Giant Kites of Guatemala: Wallpaper Photos”