Giant Kites of Guatemala: Wallpaper Photos

It’s the end of the year and in Guatemala, unless you’re around touristy sites like Antigua, the holiday season can look very different. Sure, the “hip” young crowd is into Halloween parties and consumerism. You don’t have to look very hard – in Antigua at least – for restaurants that offer Thanksgiving dinners with allContinue reading “Giant Kites of Guatemala: Wallpaper Photos”

Giant Kites: Santiago Sacatepequez Visitors Guide

Sometimes, it’s worth it to ignore people’s advice and get your own take on things. Especially when it comes to travel. What some people rate as a “must” turns out to be a kitschy tourist trap. The restaurant everyone raves about may do nothing for you. Which is why I take TripAdvisor reviews with aContinue reading “Giant Kites: Santiago Sacatepequez Visitors Guide”

Guatemalan Lichas And Giant Kites Of Sumpango

Lichas in Guatemala, Rambutan in Mexico Starting this month I’m adding a new feature to the site. I will be offering a brand-new wallpaper calendar that you can apply to your desktop. My aim is to provide two versions, an item from Guatemala and a landscape/photo still, also seasonal whenever possible. This month, the featuredContinue reading “Guatemalan Lichas And Giant Kites Of Sumpango”