Guatemala Carnival: Cascarones, Pica Pica And Parades

While shopping at the Mercado in Antigua, you might come across stands selling painted eggshells, similar to Easter eggs. These colorful eggs are known as “cascarones”. Next to the eggs, you’ll typically see bags of bright confetti (pica pica). Cascarones (eggshells) Pica pica (confetti) The eggshells are filled with confetti and their sole purpose is to beContinue reading “Guatemala Carnival: Cascarones, Pica Pica And Parades”

Antigua Guatemala Procession Schedule (2019)

Antigua Guatemala’s Lenten season and Holy Week for 2018 is already over – which is unusual since the season this year started a lot earlier than in previous years. But it’s never too early to start planning for next year! To help you plan for 2019’s season, I’m laying out the Antigua Guatemala procession schedule almostContinue reading “Antigua Guatemala Procession Schedule (2019)”

Our Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide 2017 Edition Is Now Available!

If you’ve been wondering what I’m up to and why I haven’t been writing as much on this site, then wonder no more. I’m pleased to announce I’ve completed my latest project, the Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide. A lot of work has been put into it to make it as useful as possible for you.Continue reading “Our Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide 2017 Edition Is Now Available!”

Visit to Santa Ana, Antigua Guatemala

Right off the bat, I want to apologize for not keeping up with the latest images from Antigua’s Lent season vigils and processions. Events are now coming up fast and furious as we get closer to Holy Week. I hope to catch up sometime this week. For the 24th day of Lent, I visited SantaContinue reading “Visit to Santa Ana, Antigua Guatemala”

Iglesia De La Merced Antigua Guatemala: Visitors Guide

La Merced Church is one of my favorite buildings in Antigua Guatemala and arguably the prettiest Baroque church in the city. Part of its appeal is that it’s also one of the few churches that have remained standing relatively unscathed since colonial times. Construction of Iglesia de La Merced La Merced Church, Antigua Guatemala MercedariansContinue reading “Iglesia De La Merced Antigua Guatemala: Visitors Guide”