Giant Kites: Santiago Sacatepequez Visitors Guide

Sometimes, it’s worth it to ignore people’s advice and get your own take on things. Especially when it comes to travel. What some people rate as a “must” turns out to be a kitschy tourist trap. The restaurant everyone raves about may do nothing for you. Which is why I take TripAdvisor reviews with aContinue reading “Giant Kites: Santiago Sacatepequez Visitors Guide”

Christmas in Guatemala: Convite in San Miguel Escobar

One of the benefits of living in a small town on the outskirts of Antigua is that you run into all sorts of events that go unnoticed by those who stick exclusively to Antigua’s center. On more than one occasion we have run into festivities and carnivals that we had no idea were scheduled. AContinue reading “Christmas in Guatemala: Convite in San Miguel Escobar”

Christmas in Guatemala: Christmas’ Eve Shopping at The Mercado

It’s Christmas Eve in Guatemala today and I thought to take a trip to the Mercado for some pictures. Antigua’s Mercado, our main market, has been buzzing with activity these past few days. I don’t find the Mercado as chaotic as diving into a shopping mall in the US during the last shopping days ofContinue reading “Christmas in Guatemala: Christmas’ Eve Shopping at The Mercado”

Christmas in Guatemala: Burning of the Devil (Quema del Diablo)

There’s an interesting tradition that takes place in Guatemala every December 7th. It is called the “Quema del Diablo” (Burning of the Devil), where a paper figure of the Devil is burned to the roar of the crowd. This happens all across the country, at 6 p.m. Since we missed it last year, our familyContinue reading “Christmas in Guatemala: Burning of the Devil (Quema del Diablo)”

Antigua Guatemala Patron Saint Festival

I love Guatemala celebrations because they’re fun for the family, as opposed to Holy Week celebrations, where the sheer crush of people – and pickpockets – can make the experience uncomfortable at best. ┬áPatron Saint festivals, or patronales as they’re called here, are mostly attended by the locals, giving it a different feel than tourist-attendedContinue reading “Antigua Guatemala Patron Saint Festival”