Shopping Online From Antigua Guatemala Via Rapidito Express

UPDATED 12/12/2015: As highlighted at the end of this article, it was only a matter of time that Rapidito Express would run afoul of SAT – which they did. All shipments were suddenly held in limbo last November, while SAT began the task of examining every. single. package. and assigning customs duties to the items. Unfortunately,Continue reading “Shopping Online From Antigua Guatemala Via Rapidito Express”

Chichicaste: Plants of Guatemala to Avoid

Some say there’s a price to pay for ignorance. And sometimes the price is pain. I’ve yet to write much about plant or animal life in Guatemala on this site, save for some passing mentions on our Facebook page. Not because I don’t care about plants – I do – but because I’ve never devotedContinue reading “Chichicaste: Plants of Guatemala to Avoid”

Open Windows Foundation

It’s no secret that Guatemala is among the poorest countries in the world, with 40% of its city-dwelling population living in poverty – subsisting on about $1.50USD a day. Rural communities have it even worse, with about two-thirds of all children in Guatemala living in poverty. There are many reasons for this, which I won’tContinue reading “Open Windows Foundation”

Guatemalan Residency Through Marriage

A reader recently emailed me asking about the possibility of obtaining residency through marriage in Guatemala. Meaning, if you get married to the Guatemalan chica or chico of your dreams. Personally, I haven’t bothered to inquire into the process because my plan was never to settle in Guatemala permanently. But after three years here, theContinue reading “Guatemalan Residency Through Marriage”

Quema del Torito y Alas: Guatemalan Christmas Tradition

January’s desktop wallpaper calendars are now ready! These calendars feature what is known as the “Quema de Toritos y Alas”, a tradition in Guatemala dating back to colonial times. Instructions on how to download below. ***For a list of Events happening in Antigua this month Click Here*** Quema del Torito This tradition goes back to colonial times. IfContinue reading “Quema del Torito y Alas: Guatemalan Christmas Tradition”