Getting Around: Driving In Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is a small city of under 40,000 residents. Most people get around Antigua on foot or using a patchwork network of privately-owned public transportation. Many residents own motorcycles or scooters to get around town. Those who can afford it prefer cars for trips to the city and nearest big-box stores and supermarkets. DrivingContinue reading “Getting Around: Driving In Antigua Guatemala”

Antigua Guatemala Spanish Schools: A Guide

Antigua Guatemala is a popular destination for Spanish-language learners, as there are excellent schools here, at good prices. Beware, however, that not all schools are created equal and the quality of instruction varies. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the right school to achieve your educational goals and to help you makeContinue reading “Antigua Guatemala Spanish Schools: A Guide”

Marañon Jocote (Cashew Apple): Guatemalan Fruits

If you’ve been to Antigua Guatemala’s Mercado (Market) lately, you’ve probably noticed your share of exotic fruits and produce. If in season, marañon will certainly catch your eye. A widely available fruit when in season, jocote de marañon, better known outside Guatemala as marañón, is a treat. You might know the fruit by its name inContinue reading “Marañon Jocote (Cashew Apple): Guatemalan Fruits”

The Whistlers: Guatemala’s Informal Economy

According to an article I read recently, about 75% of the working-age population in Guatemala is underemployed, members of the “informal” economy. They are self-employed Guatemalans who make ends meet working odd jobs or by opening a small business of some sort. For these folks, there is little in the way of legal protection orContinue reading “The Whistlers: Guatemala’s Informal Economy”

Guatemalan Fireworks And Virgen de Guadalupe Day

The first time it happens, don’t be surprised if you experience what feels like a mild heart attack. There you are, snuggled up under a toasty blanket when suddenly, a small war breaks out outside your front door. Panic hits you first, then comes a sick feeling of disorientation. “Where am I?”,  you ask yourself?Continue reading “Guatemalan Fireworks And Virgen de Guadalupe Day”