Antigua Guatemala Cheap Eats: Rincon Tipico Review

You’ve probably heard that Central America is quite an inexpensive place to vacation and live in. But those of us who have been around Antigua for a while know that this depends very much on where you live and where you shop. Places to eat out are no exception – here, they range from theContinue reading “Antigua Guatemala Cheap Eats: Rincon Tipico Review”

Palacio del Obispo, San Juan del Obispo: Visitors Guide

If you’ve ever visited San Juan del Obispo‘s main plaza, one of the first things you’ll notice – it’s impossible not to – is the immense building that sits behind the church. In fact, chicken buses heading to San Juan del Obispo from Antigua (2.00Q for one way fare) will drop you off next toContinue reading “Palacio del Obispo, San Juan del Obispo: Visitors Guide”

Nispero Festival In San Juan Del Obispo, Guatemala

San Juan del Obispo, Guatemala, hosts a yearly¬†Festival del Nispero, which is held at the town’s main plaza. The plaza has outstanding views of the Panchoy Valley, and on a clear day, you can easily spot La Merced Church in Antigua. Because the town is on the slopes of Volcan Agua, it’s noticeably a fewContinue reading “Nispero Festival In San Juan Del Obispo, Guatemala”

Giant Kites: Santiago Sacatepequez Visitors Guide

Sometimes, it’s worth it to ignore people’s advice and get your own take on things. Especially when it comes to travel. What some people rate as a “must” turns out to be a kitschy tourist trap. The restaurant everyone raves about may do nothing for you. Which is why I take TripAdvisor reviews with aContinue reading “Giant Kites: Santiago Sacatepequez Visitors Guide”

Antigua Guatemala with Children: Best Activities Guide

If you’ve ever thought twice about visiting Antigua Guatemala with children in tow, don’t fret. It’s a safe place to visit, with plenty of activities for the younger ones, especially the more active ones. As a father of a nine-year-old girl, I know kids become restless when they’re unable to release pent-up energy. Fortunately, thereContinue reading “Antigua Guatemala with Children: Best Activities Guide”