Antigua Guatemala in Color: Walls of Antigua

I’m excited to share a brand new project I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. As you know, a couple of months ago I finished my first book “Living in Antigua Guatemala” and part of the creative process was to capture as many photographs as an I could about Antigua and its outlyingContinue reading “Antigua Guatemala in Color: Walls of Antigua”

Patron Saint Festival In Antigua Guatemala

Did you know La Antigua Guatemala, literally meaning “Ancient Guatemala”,  is not the city’s original name? Antigua’s full name is… get ready because it’s a mouthful… La Muy Noble y Muy Leal Ciudad de Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala, or “The Very Noble and Very Loyal City of Saint James of the Knights ofContinue reading “Patron Saint Festival In Antigua Guatemala”

Alotenango Guatemala: Living At The Foot Of Fuego Volcano

***If you’re looking for coverage of Fuego’s volcanic eruption on June 4, read this post*** Meet Alotenango, a Guatemalan town located nine miles southwest of Antigua and nestled between two volcanoes, one of which is active, Volcan Fuego – literally “Fire Volcano”. Fuego Volcano in the backdrop at Alotenango Because of Alotenango’s close proximity toContinue reading “Alotenango Guatemala: Living At The Foot Of Fuego Volcano”

Unemployment In Guatemala: Stress Index

A recent article by Bloomberg caught my attention. The article placed Guatemala right in the middle of the list of the top 10 most “stressed-out” countries in the world. Nigeria, South Africa, El Salvador, and Mongolia were above Guatemala, while Colombia, Pakistan, Jamaica, Macedonia, and Bolivia rounded out the list, in that order.The US, ifContinue reading “Unemployment In Guatemala: Stress Index”

Guatemalan Handicrafts: Learning To Bargain

As I walk the cobblestone streets of Antigua, sometimes catches my eyes. I pause to admire a beautiful scarf, in the unmistakable colors and patterns that Guatemalan handicrafts are known for. Handicrafts for sale in Antigua “30 Quetzales!”, the woman says. I look at my wife in mock disbelief and turn my eyes elsewhere. “25 Quetzales!”, saysContinue reading “Guatemalan Handicrafts: Learning To Bargain”