Antigua Guatemala in Color: Walls of Antigua

Antigua Guatemala in Color

I’m excited to share a brand new project I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. As you know, a couple of months ago I finished my first book “Living in Antigua Guatemala” and part of the creative process was to capture as many photographs as an I could about Antigua and its outlying communities.

This project was my first creative endeavor (outside of writing) that I’ve ever released publicly and I’m proud to say the book has been well-received, not just because of the information it contained, but for the artistic merits of the photographs. This surprised me and was quite humbling, as my hope was just to share at least a bit of the beauty of the city and its people.

As part of the book creation process, I found myself having to leave out a lot of pictures that I was quite fond of simply because they didn’t really fit with the information I was trying to convey. It struck me that I could still share beautiful pictures of Antigua just on their own merit, even if they didn’t actually fit with a particular narrative. Beauty often doesn’t need a story or a box that it has to fit into. We can admire beautiful things and let us inspire thoughts ideas that are unique as the person that gazes upon them.

I love walking the streets of Antigua with no sense of purpose or real destination, just taking pictures of things I notice as I walk along. I once heard someone say that to walk about in Antigua is to experience a new city every day. I tend to agree, as not a day goes by that I notice something new if just slow down enough to be in the moment with my surroundings.

I hope you enjoy this new series of photos, which will eventually I plan on turning into a beautiful photo-book recording my visual experience in Antigua. If you enjoy any of the pictures, please let me know in the comments below. I love the encouragement I get from readers.

There are captions on each photo which you can get access to by clicking on the link, as well as leave your opinion on your favorite pictures or if you recognize the place in the picture.

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5 thoughts on “Antigua Guatemala in Color: Walls of Antigua

  1. Very cool photos. I am blogging about our living here in Jardines de Antigua at if you get a moment to read it. I also wanted to tell you about a Barista contest that will be from 10 am to 6 pm on 21 de Septiembre at Fat Cat Coffee House. I have a digital copy of the flyer I’d like to send to you. LMK. Thanks. Catherine

    1. Hi Catherine!

      Glad to see you’ve settled in Antigua already :) Send a copy of the flyer my way. I’d love to go out and take some photos of the contest.


  2. Hi Rich…thanks for the great pics and keep them coming! I’m in the market shopping for a new camera and was wondering which one you use or if you recommend a certain type. BTW what is the population in Antigua now? Once upon a time before it was a popular destination it was a quiet and small quintessential town!

    1. Thanks Patty! Glad you’re enjoying the pics :)

      For a camera, it depends on what you need to do. For simple snapshots, Canon Cybershot line is great. For more serious photography, you’ll probably will need a DSLR. I use a Canon T3 for all my pics and video. But if I could do it over again, I would go for a Canon T3i. Much better video capabilities and the ability to use a remote mic for recording.

      As for population, it’s hard to tell. On quiet day there are hardly many people on the street. When it’s tourist season, it does get a bit crowded. Hard to tell which foreigners live here and which are just passing through :)


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