Dia Beneful Guatemala: Enjoy a Special Day with Your Dog

Last Sunday, our family had the pleasure to attend Beneful’s annual event, “Un Dia con mi Mejor Amigo” (A Day with My Best Friend), better known as Dia Beneful Guatemala – it’s now held yearly in several countries. In Guatemala, Día Beneful takes place in Antigua Guatemala. Many restaurants open their locations to dogs and their owners.

The event was hosted at VerdeEventos. The weather was great, and due to all the activities planned, we had a great time.

Dian Beneful Guatemala sign

Sponsored by Beneful, a Purina brand

Animal Aware

One of the highlights of attending was discovering the existence of Animal Aware, a non-profit pet rescue organization. Their main site is in Sumpango (home of the Giant Kites).

Animal Aware routinely conduct spay-and-neuter campaigns and take care of pets until they can be put up for adoption. The current fee to adopt a pet is Q250 (~$31). Right now, they have close to 400 dogs/cat in their care at their ranch. They do not put animals to sleep and keep them until they can be adopted.

They accept donations and are always glad to have volunteers. You can sponsor a pet as well, and they accept food donations in lieu of money. Check them out here if you’d like to donate or volunteer.

Animal Aware's booth

Booth for Animal Aware

Arca de Noe, the most well-known pet shop in Guatemala also had a booth. There are no locations in Antigua.

Arca de Noe's booth

Arca de Noe’s booth

VIP Area

For those who pre-registered through Beneful’s Facebook page (we did), they were given a VIP pass into an area with special activities. I must have eaten a whole tray of hors-d’oeuvres while I was there.

Human treats by Beneful

Treats for VIPs

There were challenges for dog and owner to complete to win prizes.

Skills competition

Skills challenge

Our pooch aced the costume challenge.

There were free cartoon drawings.

Sitting still for a portrait

Sitting still for a portrait

Free portraits at Dia Beneful

Portraits were a popular attraction

Plenty of product samples to be had…

Free samples at the event

Free samples everywhere

… and lots of adorable pets to photograph.

It was a great event and I’m looking forward to attending next year.


More events a: https://okantigua.com/things-to-do-in-antigua-guatemala/

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