Guatemalan Residency Through Marriage

A reader recently emailed me asking about the possibility of obtaining residency through marriage in Guatemala. Meaning, if you get married to the Guatemalan chica or chico of your dreams. Personally, I haven’t bothered to inquire into the process because my plan was never to settle in Guatemala permanently. But after three years here, theContinue reading “Guatemalan Residency Through Marriage”

Expat Interview: Living in San Juan del Obispo, Guatemala

On this post, the final in the series about San Juan del Obispo, I interview two expats that call this artisans’ village home and what someone can expect if they choose to do the same. First up is Kimberly, a teacher from the US. Interview with Kimberly Rich: Kimberly, how long have you been livingContinue reading “Expat Interview: Living in San Juan del Obispo, Guatemala”

Advice on Buying Guatemala Real Estate

Last week, I talked about the recent security problems that have cropped up in our neighborhood. You can read all about it here (Is Guatemala Safe?). I tend to avoid these meetings since they go on for hours and rarely much of anything gets accomplished. I changed my tune when I heard that some neighborsContinue reading “Advice on Buying Guatemala Real Estate”

Best Tamales and Guatemalan Cuisine in Antigua

Not long ago, as I walked by an outdoor cafe – which will remain unnamed, I saw something that made me cringe. I noticed a young man, one who fit the profile of a tourist, staring at the plate in front of him, his right hand gripping a fork. There was doubt in his eyes,Continue reading “Best Tamales and Guatemalan Cuisine in Antigua”

Cost Of Living In Antigua Guatemala On A $500 Budget

One question I constantly get via email is how does my family of three manage to keep their cost of living in Antigua Guatemala under $500 a month. No, that is not a typo. In fact, more often than not, our expenses regularly come in lower than that. Before I delve into how we doContinue reading “Cost Of Living In Antigua Guatemala On A $500 Budget”