Vigil at Santa Ines del Monte – 10th Day of Lent

Santa Ines church Antigua Guatemala

Processions will be ramping up this weekend – there will be two happening on Saturday, one on Sunday. As is the custom, a vigil is held at the church where the procession is scheduled to come out of. On Wednesday, I visited tiny Los Llanos church, in Jocotenango. On Friday, a vigil was held at another small church, Santa Ines del Monte.

Santa Ines is a small town located at the entrance to Antigua, right about the time the winding road into the city levels off and the tumulos (speed bumps) begin.  It’s easy to spot Santa Ines church. Just as you go past the first speed bump, keep your eyes on the left for the small yellow church. Admittedly, it looks more impressive in the picture below, though I think it’s more of a perspective angle that makes it seem more imposing than it really is.

Santa Ines Antigua Guatemala

Santa Ines del Monte Pulciano Church

I loved the flower carpet design – while the borders had the traditional patters, the design at the center was a stylish, modern crucifix. I’d love to figure out at some point who comes up with the designs and how they come to fruition.

Santa Ines del Monte Antigua Guatemala

Santa Ines Vigil Display

A close up of the alfombra. Digging the baby crocs on the lower corners…

Santa Ines Antigua Guatemala Velacion

Close up of flower carpet

There’s always a fish somewhere in the display. Meet the Papaya Shark….

Velacion Antigua Guatemala Santa Ines

That’s one sweet shark

This display’s story was Jesus’ miracle of turning water into wine. If you look closely at the pic below, you’ll see water pouring from one of the water jars, which was pretty cool and the first time I’ve seen that wrinkle used in a display this year.

Water into wine bible story

Water is literally pouring out of a jar

As mentioned earlier, processions will continue on Saturday – one at 5:00 pm and one at 6:00 pm, the first one leaving from Cuasi Parroquia and the second one from Santa Catarina Bobadilla. For the full procession schedule, download my free guide from


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