Antigua Guatemala Real Estate: What Your Budget Will Get You

What can $500 get you in the Antigua Guatemala real estate rental market? A lot turns out. Yesterday, I showed you the types of communities you can expect to move into for $500, and for $125. Today I’ll show you what you can get for your money here. If you’re interested in the finer points ofContinue reading “Antigua Guatemala Real Estate: What Your Budget Will Get You”

7 Reasons Why Antigua Guatemala Is Expat Heaven

When I first arrived in Guatemala about a year ago, I had a small idea of what to expect. It’s quite a leap to move from a mostly wealthy suburb in the US to the seemingly chaotic pace of a Central American country, where I was constantly told there would be danger lurking around everyContinue reading “7 Reasons Why Antigua Guatemala Is Expat Heaven”

How To Stay Safe Overseas And In Guatemala

Friends and family were dumbfounded when I told them of my plans to move to Guatemala. They reasoned Guatemala was dangerous and not a good place to live at all. Of course, none had ever set foot here before. This is fairly excusable if you are to believe the information put out there by otherContinue reading “How To Stay Safe Overseas And In Guatemala”

ATMs and Banking in Antigua Guatemala

One of the first things you’ll grow to dislike, once your travel for longer than your standard two-week vacation, are banking regulations. When you visit for short spells, ATM and credit card transaction fees won’t amount to that much. In fact, you may avoid them all together if you use Traveler’s Checks and your bankContinue reading “ATMs and Banking in Antigua Guatemala”

Renting In Antigua Guatemala Like A Local

When I first started looking for an ideal destination for my first stop on the “slow travel” world tour, many cities popped up on the list.¬†Ambergris Caye, Belize, was an early¬†front-runner. English is spoken there, and the beaches are gorgeous. A perfect combo. I also considered Granada, Nicaragua and either Las Tablas or Boquete, Panama.Continue reading “Renting In Antigua Guatemala Like A Local”