Visit San Antonio Aguascalientes Textiles Market

One of Guatemala’s most well-known exports is traditional textiles, woven by Maya women, many who learn the craft from a very young age. As far as textiles go, the town of San Antonio Aguascalientes (translated as San Antonio Hot Springs, or “Hot Waters” if you prefer the more literal translation) has the best reputation forContinue reading “Visit San Antonio Aguascalientes Textiles Market”

Antigua Guatemala’s Mercado: Color Everywhere!

Antigua Guatemala’s Mercado is a feast for the senses, especially if you, like me, have spent the majority of your life shopping in an air-conditioned supermarket while pleasant elevator music plays in the background. The sounds, sights, and smells are overwhelming for first-time visitors and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any sort of plastic interferingContinue reading “Antigua Guatemala’s Mercado: Color Everywhere!”

Surfing In Guatemala: Visiting El Paredon Surf Camp

I took my first surfing lessons a few years ago in the pleasant, beginner-surfer friendly beaches of Hawaii. It did not go well. I flopped around like a fish out of water – except I was surrounded by water – and had a miserable time overall. Not only did I never manage to stand upContinue reading “Surfing In Guatemala: Visiting El Paredon Surf Camp”

Antigua Guatemala Patron Saint Festival

I love Guatemala celebrations because they’re fun for the family, as opposed to Holy Week celebrations, where the sheer crush of people – and pickpockets – can make the experience uncomfortable at best. ┬áPatron Saint festivals, or patronales as they’re called here, are mostly attended by the locals, giving it a different feel than tourist-attendedContinue reading “Antigua Guatemala Patron Saint Festival”

Things to Do in Antigua Guatemala: Run a Half Marathon

“Uh-oh…”, I said to my wife, as I pointed at a few people, effortlessly jogging right down the middle of the busy road connecting Antigua and Ciudad Vieja. Understand that pedestrians on Guatemalan roads have fewer rights than roadkill, so it was startling, for half a second anyway, to see people in alarmingly increasing numbers,Continue reading “Things to Do in Antigua Guatemala: Run a Half Marathon”