The Whistlers: Guatemala’s Informal Economy

According to an article I read recently, about 75% of the working-age population in Guatemala is underemployed, members of the “informal” economy. They are self-employed Guatemalans who make ends meet working odd jobs or by opening a small business of some sort. For these folks, there is little in the way of legal protection orContinue reading “The Whistlers: Guatemala’s Informal Economy”

Guatemalan Fireworks And Virgen de Guadalupe Day

The first time it happens, don’t be surprised if you experience what feels like a mild heart attack. There you are, snuggled up under a toasty blanket when suddenly, a small war breaks out outside your front door. Panic hits you first, then comes a sick feeling of disorientation. “Where am I?”,  you ask yourself?Continue reading “Guatemalan Fireworks And Virgen de Guadalupe Day”

Giant Kites of Guatemala: Wallpaper Photos

It’s the end of the year and in Guatemala, unless you’re around touristy sites like Antigua, the holiday season can look very different. Sure, the “hip” young crowd is into Halloween parties and consumerism. You don’t have to look very hard – in Antigua at least – for restaurants that offer Thanksgiving dinners with allContinue reading “Giant Kites of Guatemala: Wallpaper Photos”

Santa Clara Convent Courtyard: Antigua Guatemala Ruins

Here’s another September calendar for you! This wallpaper calendar features the ruins of Santa Clara Convent and Church, which in colonial times was one of the largest women’s convents in the city. This calendar is my wife’s favorite. Download this calendar below. There’s also another calendar available, featuring a well-recognized Guatemalan icon in handicraft form.Continue reading “Santa Clara Convent Courtyard: Antigua Guatemala Ruins”

Guatemala Chicken Buses: Wallpaper Calendar

September’s Antigua wallpaper calendars are here! This wallpaper calendar features Guatemalan Chicken Buses, the colorful and very much needed mode of transportation for the locals. Chicken Bus Handicraft Figurines These buses start out life in the US as school buses. At the end of their lifespan – and there’s plenty of life left on these busesContinue reading “Guatemala Chicken Buses: Wallpaper Calendar”