Santa Catalina Arch Wallpaper: Antigua Guatemala

December’s desktop wallpaper calendars are now available! Featuring Santa Catalina Arch and Guatemalan handicrafts. Instructions on how to download below. ***Looking for a list of Events happening in Antigua this month? Click here*** Santa Catalina Arch Guatemalan Handicrafts These desktop calendars are available in a US-friendly version that features Sunday as the first day ofContinue reading “Santa Catalina Arch Wallpaper: Antigua Guatemala”

Guatemalan Lichas And Giant Kites Of Sumpango

Lichas in Guatemala, Rambutan in Mexico Starting this month I’m adding a new feature to the site. I will be offering a brand-new wallpaper calendar that you can apply to your desktop. My aim is to provide two versions, an item from Guatemala and a landscape/photo still, also seasonal whenever possible. This month, the featuredContinue reading “Guatemalan Lichas And Giant Kites Of Sumpango”