Pacaya Volcano Hike, Guatemala: Visitors Guide

If you want to cross off “CLIMB A VOLCANO” off your bucket list, you can still do that here with minimal strain. Check out our guide to hiking Pacaya Volcano below. Before visiting Guatemala, the closest I’d been to a volcano was when I visited Leahi Volcano – better known as iconic Diamond Head Volcano,Continue reading “Pacaya Volcano Hike, Guatemala: Visitors Guide”

Chichicaste: Plants of Guatemala to Avoid

Some say there’s a price to pay for ignorance. And sometimes the price is pain. I’ve yet to write much about plant or animal life in Guatemala on this site, save for some passing mentions on our Facebook page. Not because I don’t care about plants – I do – but because I’ve never devotedContinue reading “Chichicaste: Plants of Guatemala to Avoid”

Vigil at Santa Ines del Monte – 10th Day of Lent

Processions will be ramping up this weekend – there will be two happening on Saturday, one on Sunday. As is the custom, a vigil is held at the church where the procession is scheduled to come out of. On Wednesday, I visited tiny Los Llanos church, in Jocotenango. On Friday, a vigil was held atContinue reading “Vigil at Santa Ines del Monte – 10th Day of Lent”

Santa Catarina Bobadilla Procession In Antigua Guatemala

Today was Antigua’s first procession of Lent and it was a fairly big one and consumed most of the day – from 11 am to 11 pm – to make life miserable for people who live here and hate gridlock. It’s only going to get worst. But if you’re a tourist? There’s no better timeContinue reading “Santa Catarina Bobadilla Procession In Antigua Guatemala”

Guatemalan Residency Through Marriage

A reader recently emailed me asking about the possibility of obtaining residency through marriage in Guatemala. Meaning, if you get married to the Guatemalan chica or chico of your dreams. Personally, I haven’t bothered to inquire into the process because my plan was never to settle in Guatemala permanently. But after three years here, theContinue reading “Guatemalan Residency Through Marriage”