Vigil at Jocotenango, Guatemala – 11th Day of Lent

I’m always a bit apprehensive about visiting Jocotenango. A working-class suburb on the outskirts of Antigua, Jocotenango doesn’t have the best reputation as a safe place to be out and about in. As it happens, Jocotenango is still trying to shed its reputation as an unsafe place. Home to seedy bars, brothels and gang warfare,Continue reading “Vigil at Jocotenango, Guatemala – 11th Day of Lent”

Antigua Guatemala Procession Wallpaper Calendar

March’s¬†desktop wallpaper calendars are now available for download! Lent marks the start of tourist season in Guatemala, especially in Antigua. And with good reason, as the picture shows below. With its processions and sawdust carpets, Antigua fills with color in a way that’s famous all over the world. Enjoy!¬†Instructions on how to download below. ***ForContinue reading “Antigua Guatemala Procession Wallpaper Calendar”

Vigil at Santa Ines del Monte – 10th Day of Lent

Processions will be ramping up this weekend – there will be two happening on Saturday, one on Sunday. As is the custom, a vigil is held at the church where the procession is scheduled to come out of. On Wednesday, I visited tiny Los Llanos church, in Jocotenango. On Friday, a vigil was held atContinue reading “Vigil at Santa Ines del Monte – 10th Day of Lent”

Vigil at Cuasi Parroquia Los Llanos – 8th Day of Lent

Today’s vigil was at Los Llanos, inside Cuasi Parroquia del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus, a hamlet north of Jocotenango – the latter a busy town immediately north of Antigua. I’d never visited the town before – had no reason to until I decided to catch as many vigils and processions as possible. The town isContinue reading “Vigil at Cuasi Parroquia Los Llanos – 8th Day of Lent”

Santa Catarina Bobadilla Procession In Antigua Guatemala

Today was Antigua’s first procession of Lent and it was a fairly big one and consumed most of the day – from 11 am to 11 pm – to make life miserable for people who live here and hate gridlock. It’s only going to get worst. But if you’re a tourist? There’s no better timeContinue reading “Santa Catarina Bobadilla Procession In Antigua Guatemala”