Guide To New Year’s Eve in Antigua Guatemala

Even though I’ve been in and out of Guatemala for the better part of almost three years, there are traditions I’ve never encountered before and some which I still don’t fully understand. As part of Antigua’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, there were two such events I was looking forward to watching: The Baile de Moros y CristianosContinue reading “Guide To New Year’s Eve in Antigua Guatemala”

Christmas in Antigua Guatemala: A Night at Calle del Arco

I love Christmas festivities and Antigua has so far exceeded expectations this year. Celebrations kicked off with the traditional burning of the devil. With that out of the way, it was time to bring on the fireworks – Guatemalans thoroughly enjoy them. Took this pic at last weeks firework show: Fireworks show in front ofContinue reading “Christmas in Antigua Guatemala: A Night at Calle del Arco”

Santa Catalina Arch Wallpaper: Antigua Guatemala

December’s desktop wallpaper calendars are now available! Featuring Santa Catalina Arch and Guatemalan handicrafts. Instructions on how to download below. ***Looking for a list of Events happening in Antigua this month? Click here*** Santa Catalina Arch Guatemalan Handicrafts These desktop calendars are available in a US-friendly version that features Sunday as the first day ofContinue reading “Santa Catalina Arch Wallpaper: Antigua Guatemala”

Guatemalan Lichas And Giant Kites Of Sumpango

Lichas in Guatemala, Rambutan in Mexico Starting this month I’m adding a new feature to the site. I will be offering a brand-new wallpaper calendar that you can apply to your desktop. My aim is to provide two versions, an item from Guatemala and a landscape/photo still, also seasonal whenever possible. This month, the featuredContinue reading “Guatemalan Lichas And Giant Kites Of Sumpango”

Antigua Guatemala Patron Saint Day Celebration Photos

In Antigua Guatemala, Patron Saint day celebrations honoring Santiago Apostol (St. James the Apostle) happen every July 25th. Antigua was originally named Ciudad de Santiago de los Caballeros de Goathemalam, after Santiago Apostol, who was also the patron saint of the Spanish Conquistadors and is also Spain’s patron saint or protector. While July 25th is theContinue reading “Antigua Guatemala Patron Saint Day Celebration Photos”